Japanese Curry Rice @ Coco Ichibanya

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This is a very straightforward, short & sweet blog post. I simply LOVE the Japanese Pork Cutlet Curry Rice @ Coco Ichibanya. It has become my latest comfort food!

I like that we get to choose the degree of spiciness from 0 onwards (Spicy Level 2 works best for me) & the amount of rice we want.

Best of all, Coco Ichibanya actually deduct S$1 off your bill if you choose to have less rice which really won me over!

How many places do you know of that actually rebates you for ordering less rice? To my knowledge, only Coco Ichibanya.


I first ate here with my colleagues because of Coco Ichibanya’s Super Saver Coupon whereby for S$12.80 nett, you’ll get a FREE Iced Lemon Tea & Mini Salad with every Japanese Curry Rice order.

Oh yes, this reminds me. You can also choose to top-up S$3.50 to make your Japanese Curry Rice a set too, anytime.

Coco Ichibanya’s Super Saver Coupon promotion has already ended on 30 June 2013. Their latest promotion is 50% off your second ala carte item with Citibank Credit Card for weekdays only. Excludes Public Holidays & Eves of Public Holidays.

No end date was written on the Citibank Banner so to be on the safe side, make a trip to Coco Ichibanya with a friend soon to check it out 😉

Coco Ichibanya doesn’t have a Singapore website & their Facebook page doesn’t seem to have a list of Coco Ichibanya outlets in Singapore. I only know that there’s a branch in The Star Vista & Bugis+. Hope this helps 🙂




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