Google+ Makes a Comeback

Category : Interesting Videos

The benefit of having friends who are early adopters or technology pioneers is that I’m never too far behind the latest innovations and happenings in the ICT space as they’re often quick to introduce and onboard us, their circle of friends. I still remember switching from ICQ to MSN Messenger, Hotmail to Gmail, Friendster to Facebook, Internet Explorer to Firefox & Chrome and now Facebook to Google+, thanks to them 🙂

When I was first invited to join Google+, there was almost nothing there except for the circles and the wild wild white (Google signature) as it was still in its early days. As with anything new, I frequent Google+ almost everyday to check out this new platform and potential competitor to Facebook.

However as time goes by, with only one to two friends actively posting in Google+, I started going to Google+ less often. And one fine day, unknowingly, I stopped clicking on the +Soh option at the top left hand corner of my Gmail account. I never did realize it until one of my Google+ active friends posted in Facebook (ironically) to return to Google+ to check out its latest feature “What’s hot on Google+”.

The very first hot news which caught my attention was this video of a super duper cute owl which appears to be in heaven while being patted by visitors. It is simply adorable beyond words. I’ve watched this video a couple of times and recently caught it appearing in the evening news as well, celebrity owl!

I’ve got to take my hats off to Google+ for coming up with this new feature which is doubtingly attracting me back to Google+ to see what Google+ has in stall for us in its selection of the eight hot news to be featured.

I do wonder though, in eager anticipation, what does Google+ has up its sleeve next to interest more users or converters (from Facebook) in its bid to increase its market share from the dominant social networking site – Facebook.

Baby keep smiling, you know the sun is shining

Category : Workplace

We are often inspired by many things (sometimes the smallest things) that we experience and encounter in life. Everything that we hear, see, smell or touch could trigger a whole series or even avalanche of thoughts and emotions within our brain and/or our heart.

Today, a song lyric mysteriously invaded my brain and started looping infinitely which brought a smile to my face as I went about my daily routine of chasing after deadlines and responding to users’ requests plus not forgetting to do some reminding myself.

That’s right, “Baby keep smiling, you know the sun is shining” from “Baby Keep Smiling” by Lou Bega. I first came to know of this singer from his famous rendition of “Mambo Number 5” which is a number 1 hit in 1999 which I’m sure many of us are familiar with and can easily hum out the tune at a snap of the finger. “Baby Keep Smiling” is a lighthearted song which seems to have the power to erase the creases from my forehead and brighten the atmosphere in the office.

Oftentimes we are so caught up with what we’re doing that we forget to smile and bring some joy to our otherwise hectic and competitive lifestyle. Since we’ll still need to do it anyway, why not do it with a smile, right? Hope this song will help to do some magic for you too. “Baby keep smiling, you know the sun is shining” 🙂


When I Strike Lottery

Category : General

I’ve been asked this question a couple of times and I usually just respond with a generic answer (whichever that pops into my mind first) like celebrate, buy a property, and invest in dividend stocks or almost any random answer (which I think can satisfy the enquirer) without giving it any serious thought when I was buying the big sweep.

For you folks out there who are into lottery like 4D, Toto & Big Sweep, have you ever thought about what will you do with the windfall or will you just go with the flow and think about it when it happens?

Well, I’ve always heard that money easy come, easy go so I thought I’ll just make some plans so that when I receive the windfall it’ll stick with me 🙂 First & foremost I set out to determine whether the prize money is taxable i.e. do we receive the full amount or will a certain percentage be deducted for taxation. Since I couldn’t find anything from the Singapore Pools website I’ll have to turn to IRAS instead. The good news is winnings are not taxable, yeah! For details please refer to the IRAS site.

Now that I know how much to work with I began splitting and categorizing the money as below:

 Amount  Usage
 110k  Charity
 220k  Celebrate
 220k  Investment Property Down Payment
 220k  Residential Property Down Payment
 220k  Self-Development
 1,210k  Installments, Renovation, Essentials, etc.

It may not be perfect yet as some categories seem skewed however this is my first draft and what I’ll work with when I receive my windfall, prepared. Wish me luck 😉

What is the key to success?

Category : General

As inferred from the title, what is the/your key and definition to success and have you attained your desired level of success? Taking a step back, have you given this question any thought, drawn out any plans or defined/taken any steps towards achieving success? What is success to you?

I’ve recently started to broaden my horizons by reading. Not that I don’t do any reading previously, it’s just that I usually read up on technical/technology know-how, daily news, facebook updates (yes, that too), etc. Nothing related to personal well-being or personal development in particular. As I go about this new routine of mine, I came across a statement which struck a chord with me today – “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success”.

“Success is not the key to happiness.” Ironic isn’t it. Doesn’t happiness come with success? Don’t we sometimes imagine/picture the moment when we’re at the peak of our career which is usually filled with rosy feelings of happiness and pride? Somehow I’m unable to reconcile with this statement as I’ve always felt that success does contribute to happiness. Perhaps I’m not at the ultimate level of enlightenment (上乘武功) yet so I may still need some 磨练 or 钻研 to fully grasp this concept so…we’ll see.

It’ll be hard to imagine not being happy if I get straight As in my studies, gain entrance to prestigious schools, earn millions in my career, etc.