Google+ and My Saturday Morning

Category : Interesting Videos

Today was a Saturday which I had planned to work while he’s out viewing real estate properties with his clients, thinking that I finally have a chance to do what I had planned to do during the work week. As I finished up my lunch (yummy ibumie instant mee goreng) and washed the dishes, I returned to my laptop to catch up on the happenings in my personal emails & social media space before diving into work.

Nothing new on Gmail after the last reply on Rochelle@Newton which reminded me, I need to initiate an email on Chinese New Year gathering – check. Next up was Facebook. Some comments & replies with additional stories & findings like a new Korean BBQ place – Ssikkek Korean BBQ which I could try with my kakis next time, nice!

Finally Google+. No new stories. Not unusual since Google+ is still suffering from the quote “My friends are not here” syndrome. But Google+ does have the “What’s hot on Google+” section which I love to view. Amongst the 8 stories this morning, I found 2 which really struck me.

First was the video featuring a rap about java coding produced by Oracle Digital Media Production which was really fun to watch. It brought a smile plus a laughter or two as it kick start my day as a developer clocking overtime to meet my deadlines and deliverables. I can totally relate to the lyrics even though I am not a Java developer. Recommended for all fellow nerds out there!

Second was a TEDx video about Daria Musk who leveraged on Google+ Hangout to perform to a global audience, against the original intention & functionality of the Hangout feature…and the advice of the director of the Hangout Engineering Team. Users, right. However this thought, or should I say creativity, evolved the Google+ Hangout feature – “Hangouts On Air” and started a clock work of activities which facilitated the realization of a dream.

From her first hangout concert to a limited 10 people audience group to streaming live to an unlimited global audience and finally pulling in YouTube Live. All I can say is, developers can innovate, design and come up with tonnes of new ideas, applications & systems. But good users can potentially push & help us move up to the next level. As long as both parties keep an open mind and strive towards a better goal.

I can feel my Saturday transforming as I pen down my thoughts to capture this moment as a constant reminder of the synergy between technology practitioners & technology users. Cheers!

P.S. If you’ll like to own Daria Musk’s music: