Best Ginseng Chicken Soup (SamGyeTang) in Seoul Korea

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Ho Su 参鸡汤 (호수 삼계탕) is without a doubt the best Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup I’ve ever had in my entire life!

We’re lucky to have a close Korean friend to bring us around Seoul, and introduce us to this amazing Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup in SinDoRim, Seoul Korea. Thank you so much!

Ho Su SamGyeTang Restaurant is a distance away from the SinDoRim station, and we had to take a quick taxi ride here which was totally worth it.

Ho Su SamGyeTang Restaurant

I understand from my Korean friend that they are very famous and hugely popular among Koreans, having been on numerous food shows as you can see from their signboard.

Ho Su SamGyeTang Restaurant

A picture speaks a thousand words. Just check out their thick broth below.

Ho Su SamGyeTang & Side Dishes

Ho Su SamGyeTang

Ho Su SamGyeTang

Ho Su SamGyeTang

Simply delicious! 😀

Directions to Ho Su SamGyeTang Restaurant
Option 1
1. Take Subway Line 1 or 2
2. Alight at SinDoRim Station, Exit 2
3. Take Taxi

Option 2
1. Take Subway Line 7
2. Alight at SinPung station, Exit 4
3. Take Taxi or walk 10 mins towards Sin Gil 5 dong office

호수 삼계탕 (View in Google Maps)
Ho Su SamGyeTang Restaurant
342-325, Singil-dong
Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul
GPS: 37.5025603,126.9041215
Tel: 848-2440, 833-8948