Crocs Sandals for the Beach

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Crocs have landed in Singapore many many years ago. However due to the steep price and the bad press of Crocs getting caught in escalators, I have never given Crocs much thought.

Recently, having attended a beach wedding and a company beach event with my trusty threaded Hush Puppies Sandal, I’m starting to have 2nd thoughts. Why? It’s the washing afterwards.

If you check out the Hush Puppies Sandal above, its material is water absorbent. So not only does it takes longer to dry, it seems to trap quite a bit of fine sand that’s not easy to shake off. Aka definitely need to wash after a visit to the beach.

And when I saw my colleague wearing a nice looking Crocs Sandal, I was tempted. I never knew that Crocs can look so nice! This was what she wore:

I still love my Hush Puppies Sandal as they’re very comfortable and durable. However I don’t think they are beach-friendly. More specifically, sand-friendly.

I still remember my very 1st friend who converted to Crocs once said to me “Crocs is very comfortable and easy to wash. They dry very quickly. Even Surgeons wear Crocs into the operating theater as Crocs are very easy to clean.” Disclaimer: I’m not sure if the last statement is true.

So I started to explore what other Crocs Sandals are available and these really caught my eye 🙂

If I get the subtle colours, maybe I can wear these Crocs Sandals to work as well?

They even have boots! Which is out of scope for me in this case 😛

And to think that I always thought Crocs look like this:


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Watsons Members’ Only Sale 28 Aug 2013

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Singapore Watsons Members’ Only One Day Sale on 28 Aug 2013 at 40 Watsons Outlets Island Wide.

Note: The images will take a while to load as they are of the original resolution for the highest possible level of detail





Geylang 搵到食 126 Eating House Dim Sum Menu

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This is for the fans of Geylang 126 Eating House Dim Sum. I finally got a chance to capture their entire menu! All 29 pages! And I’m more than happy to share it with my fellow foodie lovers of Geylang 126 Eating House 🙂

Now I’ll finally have a chance to leisurely browse through their extensive dim sum cum tze char menu. Yeah!

I realized that whenever I visit 126 Eating House, I always end up ordering the same few dishes cause I love them since the 1st time I tried them. I never really got a chance to “try everything”.

Maybe it’s also because I don’t really have the chance to slowly browse through their 29 pages of menu?

Hmmm…let’s see, what should I try the next time I visit Geylang 126 Eating House?

搵到食 126 Eating House (View in Google Maps)
No. 126 Sims Ave (Towards Bedok)
Between Geylang Lor 15 & Geylang Lor 17
Singapore 387449
Tel: +65 6746 4757, +65 6745 4869

24 hours (Close on Alternate Tuesday)





Skyve Wine Bistro @ Winstedt Rd

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I’m very excited to finally have the chance to dine at Skyve Elementary Bistro & Bar @ Winstedt Rd! I’ve often looked longingly at the restaurant while waiting for my husband to finish his work at the real estate property office. And it looks like a really nice place to chill & hang out.

I’ve read somewhere that Skyve Elementary Bistro & Bar was known as Table 66 previously, and I’ve read glowing reviews about Table 66 in Facebook previously so I definitely have a high expectation of Skyve Wine Bistro.

Entering the restaurant, the interior is very nicely decorated (can you spot the rocking chair in the background?) with fresh orchids on every table and interesting table mats to keep us entertained while waiting for our food.

We have a mushroom lover in our group so when she says that the mushroom soup is nice, guarantee plus chop that Skyve Wine Bistro’s Mixed Wild Mushroom Soup is a must drink for mushroom soup lovers.

Next up is Ricotta Hot Cakes which is very nice when you 1st sink your teeth into the dish. Greeted with the aroma of maple syrup, the passion fruit butter also adds an interesting twist to it.

However, towards the end of the hot cakes, there’s a risk of feeling “sick” as it all taste the same. Suggestion will be to order this for sharing instead. Too much of a good thing is not so good afterall~

Skyve Wine Bistro’s Minute Beef Steak Sandwich has a similar story line. The beef is very tender and it earned a *nod of approval* at the start. Its descend in stars is mainly attributed to the fact that the portion is too huge. Too much fries. Maybe it’ll be ok for diners with a bigger appetite?

Check out the gorgeous eggs benedict! This is the Skyve Sous Vide Eggs Benedict. Where and how to start eating this? No problem for my skillful colleague who gave this dish *thumbs up*. She commented that she’ll like to try Wild Honey’s Eggs Benedict one of these days to see whether Skyve Wine Bistro’s better or Wild Honey’s better.

Skyve Wine Bistro’s Kurobuta Pork Cheeks Burger was finished in a flash! What’s delightful about this Pork Burger is its super crispy bun. The downside is the accompanying Sweet & Spicy Korean sauce which didn’t sit too well with my colleague. The description given was “Weird”. The Sweet & Spicy Korean sauce was hardly touched.

Last but not least, my Norwegian Salmon Fillet with Citrus Butter Sauce. My 1st thought was “So small only?” Anyway I started to dissect the dish and started with the sides. The mushrooms were very tender and nicely seasoned, as were the carrot, broccoli & fake corn. I was a little disappointed that real corn wasn’t used instead as I love sweet corn.

I’ll like to give a special mention to the potatoes. The potatoes were nicely baked with the skin on. The texture was just nice with a hint of garlic. I finished all of it! Which I usually don’t cause of the carbo.

And finally the salmon. Woooooo~ This must be one of the nicest Norwegian Salmon Fillet I’ve eaten! The salmon skin is very crispy *thumbs up* and the salmon was done just right. The outer layer is cooked while the inner layer was left slightly raw so there’s a variety of texture & taste for that 1 thick slice of salmon. And yes it’s not that small afterall. I was very full after finishing Skyve Wine Bistro’s Norwegian Salmon Fillet. Yummy~

Skyve Elementary Bistro & Bar @ Winstedt Rd’s “The Loafing Breakfast” & “The Sluggish Lunch” Menus are only available on weekdays at 10am to 4pm & noon to 4pm respectively.

If you’re looking for a place to hang out with friends e.g. the tai tai lifestyle or to organize team lunches & gatherings, why not check out Skyve Elementary Bistro & Bar that’s nicely tucked away @ Winstedt Rd, away from the hustle & bustle of the busy main road.

It may be livelier at night as I noticed a live band setup in a corner of the restaurant. Plus there’s a full fledged bar. If the weather is cool enough, there’s always the alfresco option in their garden 😉

Skyve Wine Bistro (View in Google Maps)
No.10 Winstedt Road
Block E, #01-17
Singapore 227977
+65 6225 6690

Open Daily: Monday to Sunday (including Public Holidays)
10am till late (last order 10:30pm)



Beautiful, Professional & Value for Money WordPress Themes

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Friends who know me know that I’m always on the lookout for good stuff & promotions. And when I get to know of one, I’ll definitely share it with everyone. I firmly believe that “Good things must share”.

Recently I was introduced to Elegant Themes which has gorgeous WordPress Themes. I like their clean & sleek design. Plus they have almost something for everything. Not to mention their value for money WordPress Themes Packages.






Feel free to explore their themes for yourself and click in to view the demos to ascertain that you really like them before you buy & implement them 🙂





Mellben Seafood Crab Promotion on Qoo10

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I’m surprised to see that Mellben is offering a discount for their crabs. Especially since they’re already so famous.

Their queue will wind around their Ang Mo Kio coffeeshop starting from 5 – 6pm. Waiting is 100% guaranteed if you’re not there early.

Maybe it’s the new crab flavours? I don’t recall seeing Laksa Crab & Creamy Curry Crab on their menu previously.

Then again, I usually just order their Butter Crab with buns & Bee Hoon Crab which are awesome!

Of course there’s always the upgrade option where you can still choose to top up $4 for their award winning Golden Sands Crab.

For the Golden Sands Crab, I’ve only tried Uncle Leong’s version when they were still in Ang Mo Kio. Uncle Leong has now relocated to Punggol. The Golden Sands Crab tasted like Spicy Butter Crab aka Butter Crab with little chillis.

I guess if you’re going with family & friends who take spicy food, you can try all the 3 Crab flavours?

Note: This Q0010 e-ticket is only valid at No. 9 Opal Crescent and not their Ang Mo Kio branch.

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