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I kept telling myself that I absolutely have to blog about my lunch experience at SUR Nuevo Latino Kitchen @ North Canal Road just in case I forgot how I was won over by their food. Even though I went there for a farewell team lunch on Fri, the delight/pleasure I experienced is still very much present this Sunday evening.

If you are perplexed on where to go for good food in the Raffles Place, Boat Quay & Clark Quay area or if you’re looking for good Nuevo Latino/Mexican/South American Food, you absolutely have to check out this little gem along North Canal Road, near to OCBC Centre.

SUR Nuevo Latino Kitchen is housed in a 2 storey shophouse and we were directed to the cozy upper level, seated right beside the baking corner where we were treated (or should I say tempted) to the aroma of freshly baked desserts.

Their Soup of the Day is Cream of Corn Soup which received the thumbs up. “It really tastes like corn. Non-diluted. No added flour.”

The few of us who had SUR Nuevo Latino Kitchen’s Chupe de Pollo which is Cream of Chicken Soup…we were blown away. Full marks! It is very different from the usual cream based soup. It’s very light, yet full of flavour. Their corn is fresh & easy to manage. The shredded chicken is not dry & adds a different texture to the Cream of Chicken Soup. My colleague gave this a 10/10 marks.

The first Los Fuertes (main course) served is the Lomo Salteado. The guys who ordered this dish were a little disappointed as it looks like normal rice topped with stir-fried sirloin. Our Mexican friend was surprised that crepes were not served alongside with it and commented that SUR Nuevo Latino Kitchen’s dinner menu is better and more authentic. Taste wise it’s nice. Satisfaction level is not too high as the portion is a little small. Another colleague who has this as part of her set lunch rated it 8/10.

Next up is SUR Nuevo Latino Kitchen’s Ensalada de Remolacha. The salad consists of Mesclun Greens, Crumbled Feta, Roasted Red Beets, Avocado & Hazelnuts. Our vegetarian colleague likes the salad, commenting that it’s sweet.

Check out the chunks of Tuna in the Ensalada con Arun! The Tuna is crispy on the outside with a hint of herbs and raw on the inside. *Thumbs up* “It’s the first time I see Tuna done like this”

Yeah, finally my Chifrijo is here! SUR Nuevo Latino Kitchen’s Chifrijo is a combination of Crispy Pork Belly, Rice & Beans topped with some Pico de Gallo. So, the problem is, I’m not really a fats-eating person. Aka I’m kind of put off by the layer of fat and will endeavor to separate it from the meat whenever possible so I’m kind of torn choosing this as my main course. I’m banking on the fact that it’ll be crispy so it’ll be tolerable.

“Here goes nothing” as I bite into my first piece of FATTY pork belly. “Wow…Mmmm…This is amazing!” Thankfully, the Crispy Pork Belly is really crispy & the fats melt in my mouth. I can literally use my tongue to squash the fats against the wall of my mouth.

I also love their Rice & Beans. Yummy! I couldn’t help finishing all the rice even though the word “carbo” keeps revolving around my mind.

The tapioca chips were also very nice. Crispy with a hint of salt. The dash of Pico de Gallo lends a different flavour to the dish here & there too. All in all, SUR Nuevo Latino Kitchen’s Chifrijo is a dish with different layers of taste & texture which I highly recommend. 11/10 😀

Last and definitely not the least, desserts. Our Mexican colleague shared that SUR Nuevo Latino Kitchen is best known for their desserts. We were presented with a dessert tray of 4 choices for us to choose from. So with high anticipation (especially after smelling the desserts throughout our meal) & with no idea what are the dessert names, we pointed out our choices.

This is a tart with blueberry filling which got a high score of 10/10. Somehow I can’t pinpoint a description to the taste. It tasted a little like meat to me but then I only had a small corner with almost no blueberry so my opinion is definitely skewed. My colleague really liked it though and gave it full marks.

With the help of Google, this is SUR Nuevo Latino Kitchen’s “Milhojas” – Caramelized Puffed Pastry, Vanilla Diplomat Crème. Check out the traces of real vanilla beans in the cream/custard! The crispy pastry on the top, middle and bottom coupled with the rich vanilla custard. Perfect!

Finally, the recommended dessert which I think is named Alfajor – Shortbread, Dulce de Leche, Toasted Coconut. Also very nice. The combination of goat’s milk & coconut is very rich. This really reminds me of a Malay pastry I had before.

What can I say. SUR Nuevo Latino Kitchen’s Desserts is a must have to end your meal on a high note!

Thanks for the great recommendation & all the best! 🙂

SUR Nuevo Latino Kitchen (View in Google Maps)
13 North Canal Road #01-01/02
Singapore 048826
+65 6222 2897

Closed on Mondays

Lunch (Tues – Fri)
11:30am – 2:30pm

Dinner (Tues – Sat)
5:30pm – 11:30pm

Brunch (Sundays)
11am – 3pm