Happy Lunar New Year 2014!

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May the year of the wooden horse brings you greater fortune, perfect health & more happiness.

Huat Ah!! 🙂

2 Black Cats

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Came across 2 black cats after having coffee at 93 degrees C along 16 Morse Road today.

Is it just me or do they have the evil glare that says “You better not mess with me or I’ll pounce on you and claw you till you beg for mercy!” Haha~



93 degrees C @ 16 Morse Road

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Wanting to have a light lunch, we decided to search for the salty gourmet coffee our friend raved about recently.

Not knowing the name of the coffee place, we tried a few combinations of keywords like “salty coffee, west coast highway, singapore” & “salty coffee, telok blangah, singapore” which lead us to The Marshmallow Tree @ 46 Telok Blangah Drive which was incidentally closed on Mondays. Plus Marshmallow sounds too sweet to be related to Salty Coffee.

Which brings us to another coffee place in the search results named 93 degrees C @ 16 Morse Road. Initially we thought that the search result was wrong seeing the resemblance of the name to a MediaCorp drama series.

We decided to give it a shot anyway so here we are, settled in a nice environment sipping our S$5 Salted Crème Latte. Like what my colleague said, drinking coffee at 93 degrees C is more for the ambience…意思浅浅 😛

Hmmm…well, the Salted Crème Latte is not bad just that it wasn’t as amazing as what I’d expect after hearing big praises for it. Aka high expectation in anticipation of amazing coffee wasn’t realised. And it wasn’t really salty. I think there was some salt sprinkled on top of the foam but that’s about it.

It’s subjective I suppose. The lady over the counter said that many of their customers like it and there’s a church-going lady who frequents the salty coffee place every week for their Salted Crème Latte.

They have coffee on drip & siphon (which sounds very coffee appreciation to me) as well as Civet Cat Coffee (Kopi Luwak) which goes for S$20+ a cup (I forgot exactly how much). Anyway Kopi Luwak is currently out of stock.

Will I come back again…hmmm…a distant maybe? I may either come back with other colleagues or check out the nearby Marshmallow Tree.

All in all, 93 degrees C is a nice place to hang out. Too bad they do not operate in the evenings otherwise it’ll be nice to hang out there with friends after work.

Another point to note is to call them beforehand if there’s any specific coffee or blend you have in mind e.g. Civet Cat Coffee (Kopi Luwak).

93 degrees C @ 16 Morse Road (View in Google Maps)
16 Morse Road No. 207 (enter by Wishart Road)
Singapore 099228
GPS: 1.270008,103.81491

Ng Kim Hai
+65 9649 3902

11am – 6pm

8am – 6pm

Closed on Wednesdays





Nene Chicken @ Star Vista

Category : Korean

This is our ultimate comfort food when we’re feeling stressed out. We literally feel lighter after finishing our Nene Chicken FREAKING HOT fried chicken set! We LOVE it! Woohoo!

Nene Chicken is a Korean fast-food chain specialising in fried chicken that opened its first branch in Star Vista (beside Buona Vista MRT).

They have very different flavours like Snowing Cheese, Green Onion, Black Sesame & of course a Korean flavour – Bulgogi.

Well, I’ve tried all the flavours and my favourite is still FREAKING HOT!

Like its name suggest, it’s really freaking hot! It was actually quite torturous as I endeavor to finish the 2 pieces of chicken as I suck in air and resist the urge to sip some of the ice cold drink which will break the momentum of super spicy Korean fried chicken eating.

But still, chilli is just such a love-hate affair isn’t it. Even though it was painful, it was also super shiok at the same time!

If you visit Nene Chicken, you definitely have to get the Freaking Hot Fried Chicken set.

Non-negotiable 😛

Oh, their buffalo sticks (similar to French fries) is good too *thumbs up*

Enjoyz~ *grin*

Sidenote: For folks unfamiliar with Singlish, shiok means fantastic, greatly satisfied 😉

Nene Chicken @ Star Vista (View in Google Maps)
1 Vista Exchange Green
The Star Vista
Singapore 138617
GPS: 1.307166,103.788477






F&N CNY 2014 Festive Sale @ Alexandra TechnoPark

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Have you stocked up your drinks for the upcoming Chinese New Year yet?

If not you’re in luck. I spotted this banner on my way to work this morning.

F&N Chinese New Year (CNY) 2014 Festive Sale
Date: 10th Jan 2014 (Fri)
Time: 12noon – 2pm & 5pm – 7pm
Venue: Bus Bay @ Blk A Alexandra TechnoPark (ATP)
(beside the 100Plus vending machine)
(after underpass tunnel from Alexandra Point bus stop to ATP exit)

Free Gift with minimum purchase, terms & conditions apply.

Participating Brands
1. 100 Plus
2. F&N
3. F&N Seasons
4. My Cola
5. F&N Creameries
6. Jwel

The last 2 participating brands seem to imply that the F&N CNY 2014 Festive Sale will be selling both drinks & ice creams?