Thailand Agarwood Investment Trip

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Sawadee Ka~ Even though Thailand is so near, this is my first time there and it most probably won’t be my last. Gosh I love their food! 🙂

Okay okay, calm down calm down. Eh-hem~ The main reason why we flew to Bangkok this time round was to check out the investment we’ve made recently.


It’s not exactly mainstream which is why I guess no one was particularly interested when I shared this with them? Hmmm…

Anyway, here’s what we experienced during this “see for ourselves trip”.

1st stop – Nursery.

Pointing to the plot (where our trees are located) on the big plot of land.

One of our trees.

The other group of investors in our mini-van. Their trees are younger as they invested later than us.

Workers in the field.

Processing of the harvested tree.

The distillation process to get the expensive oud oil.

The black part is the oud oil.

At another private plantation which engages Asia Plantation to do the managing and processing.

Worker is cutting down a mature tree for harvesting.

Cutting of the tree into sections.

A cross section. The black part is where the expensive oud oil is obtained.

Cutting into half.

So with all these, doesn’t it now make Agarwood investment more plausible? 🙂

I must also say that this trip is made so much more memorable because of our wonderful Relationship Manager (RM). She took such great care of us, bringing us around and what not. In fact, she is so good that other investors commented we were lucky to have her as our RM. Totally agree!