Menya Musashi @ VivoCity

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For completeness sake, I’ve decided to include my Ramen experience at Menya Musashi VivoCity.

For folks who are still curious about Menya Musashi and want to give it a try, you could consider having their Lunch Special @ S$12.90++.

It comes with 1 Signature Cha Shu Ramen, 1 Side Dish and 1 Houji Tea, and is available on weekdays from 11:30am – 3pm, excluding Public Holiday and eve of Public Holiday.

Menya Musashi 02

For folks who have read my earlier post on Menya Musashi Kodou @ Westgate you’ll know that I’m not a fan of Menya Musashi Ramen. So let me just go through this real quick.

We ordered 2 sets of Menya Musashi’s Lunch Special and a Chicken Cutlet Rice Set.

First up are their side dishes, California Maki and Deep Fried Gyoza.

They were both average and I was a little taken aback by the sparse distribution of Tobiko (flying fish roe) on the California Maki.

Menya Musashi 12

Menya Musashi 13

Two of us had the same Menya Musashi’s Black Cha Shu Ramen Lunch Special @ S$12.90++ which was indicated as Popular in their ala carte menu.

Yes, you guessed it. Our verdict is average.

Menya Musashi 14

And here’s the Chicken Cutlet Rice Set @ S$14.90++. Also average.

Menya Musashi 16

Menya Musashi 17

We concluded that the food at Menya Musashi VivoCity was so-so only, and we most probably won’t return for lunch.

Menya Musashi @ VivoCity (View in Google Maps)
1 Harbourfront Walk
Singapore 098585
GPS: 1.2646184,103.8208233
+65 6376 9519

Daily: 11:30am – 10pm



Menya Musashi Kodou @ Westgate

Category : Japanese

Menya Musashi Japanese Ramen. This Japanese Ramen restaurant also have quite a number of branches in Singapore like Ajisen Ramen.

The difference is that there is almost always a queue outside its doors unlike Ajisen Ramen.

Being Singaporean, this was what attracted me to give Menya Musashi Ramen another chance.

Have queue = good right? Wrong 🙁

I said another chance because I already had Menya Musashi @ VivoCity before. Albeit I had their S$12.90++ Lunch Special then.

So, seeing the long queue outside Menya Musashi Kodou @ Westgate, we decided to give it a try…

Menya Musashi Kodou 01

To give it a fair chance, or should I say the best chance, I decided to have Menya Musashi Kodou’s Special. At least I think it was special since it has its very own handout.

Which is *drumroll* Menya Musashi Kodou’s One Sword Yakibuta Ramen @ S$19.90++. Doesn’t the picture look impressive?

Menya Musashi Kodou 03

I ordered the Ramen Set @ S$22.90++ which comes with Musashi Chicken Karage (4 pcs) and a drink.

The Chicken Karage was served first and it was…lacklustre and unmemorable.

Menya Musashi Kodou 15

Then my One Sword Yakibuta Ramen was up. But…but…where is the sword? 😕

The handout said it uses premium pork belly marinated in Menya Musashi Kodou’s secret sauce, set to tantalise our tastebuds.

I think my tastebud was tortured instead 😥

Menya Musashi Kodou 17

Firstly, the noodles doesn’t taste like Japanese Ramen. It resembles more closely to wanton noodles.

Next, the premium pork belly (marinated in Menya Musashi Kodou’s secret sauce)  tastes like char siew to me. And it’s so fatty.

More than 50% of the pork belly is fats, and it is not the type that melts in your mouth. A far cry from Bangkok’s Famous Wanton Mee Pork Knuckles Rice with melt in your mouth fats. Mmm~

Menya Musashi Kodou 19

The only good thing (I guess) is its huge portion. I was stuffed trying to finish my One Sword Yakibuta Ramen and gave up in the end.

My date had Menya Musashi Kodou’s Black Aburi Chicken Ramen @ S$13.90. It was also disappointing.

Menya Musashi Kodou 16

I don’t think I will give it a third chance…

By the way, if you don’t already know, both Aijen Ramen & Menya Musashi are owned by the same company, Japan Foods Holding.

Menya Musashi Kodou @ Westgate (View in Google Maps)
3 Gateway Drive
Singapore 608532
GPS: 1.3340704,103.7406779
+65 6465 9381

Daily: 11:30am – 10pm




RWS Feng Shui Inn 风水廷

Category : RWS

I have always been under the impression that RWS Celebrity Chef Restaurants have 吓死人的价钱 aka sky-high prices 😛

And we always default to eating at RWS Malaysian Food Street when we’re at Resorts World Sentosa.

So my interest was piqued when I saw this poster while deciding where to eat at RWS.

More so because it was Cantonese cuisine.

RWS Feng Shui Inn 01

So here we are at RWS Feng Shui Inn 风水廷, located at Crockfords Tower 康乐福豪华酒店 Level G2.Right next to RWS VIP Casino.

First impression. Atas.

RWS Feng Shui Inn 02

Their service was very good. We saw that they adress some of their customers by name and we were allowed to study Feng Shui Inn’s menu at our own time. They were also very helpful in answering my numerous questions. Thanks 😀

We were pleasantly surprised that RWS Feng Shui Inn’s price point was not too bad…we had choices 😉

Their dim sum hours were over and we went ahead with their S$68++ per pax set dinner.

RWS Feng Shui Inn 09

First up is appetizers which is decent. Tea is not included in the set and is @ S$3.6 per pax.

RWS Feng Shui Inn 55

Our banquet style, 8 course set dinner is kicked off with Feng Shui Inn’s Cantonese Soy-braised Chicken served with Leeks. 风水廷香葱豉油鸡.

The seasoning & flavour is good though the chicken breast portion is a tad dry.

RWS Feng Shui Inn 56

And this is my favourite dish, Feng Shui Inn’s Trio Platter which includes Poached Scallops, Pan-fried Scallop Cake & Roasted Pork. 风水廷精选拼盘 (油泡带子,香煎带子饼,烧腩仔)

The Poached Scallop is fresh & bouncy. Pan-fried Scallop Cake is chewy with a nice texture. And the Roasted Pork is crispy. 2 of the Roasted Pork were better, with softer fats.

RWS Feng Shui Inn 58

I was slightly put off when I saw Feng Shui Inn’s Stir-fried Fresh Seasonal Vegetables with Cashew Nuts. 风水廷腰果炒时蔬. Asparagus. Not my type of vegetable.

And here I’m surprised. The asparagus wasn’t too bad and I quite enjoy its crunchiness without the strong taste I dislike. And who doesn’t like cashew nuts in their dishes 😀

RWS Feng Shui Inn 59

Feng Shui Inn’s Braised Bird’s Nest Soup with Crab Meat & Silken Beancurd 风水廷燕窝蟹肉白玉羹 is served warm with a pepper shaker.

Definitely not the usual Bird’s Nest with Rock Sugar. It was okay and I’m not really used to spreading pepper over warm bird’s nest 😛

RWS Feng Shui Inn 60

Feng Shui Inn’s Stir-fried Fresh Fish Fillets with Chef’s Special Sauce 风水廷干烧鲜鱼片’s fish is not bad too.

There’s a slightly crispiness to the fish and its sauce goes well with the Hor Fun.

RWS Feng Shui Inn 61

Feng Shui Inn’s Stir-fried Fresh Prawns with Hairy Gourds & Sliced Abalone with Abalone Gravy 风水廷鲍汁鲍鱼条节瓜炒虾球’s prawns are fresh and crunchy.

Its sauce, hairy gourds and sliced abalone goes well with the Hor Fun too.

RWS Feng Shui Inn 62

And for Feng Shui Inn’s Stir-Fried Hor Fun with Diced Vegetables & Egg White 风水廷菜粒蛋白炒河粉 which was mentioned twice earlier, it was a little bland.

The good thing is we have the sauces from the 2 dishes earlier to rescue it.

RWS Feng Shui Inn 63

Now stuffed to our throats, we have Feng Shui Inn’s Chilled Mango Sago Cream with Pomelo & Osmanthus. 风水廷桂花杨枝甘露.

It’s pretty good and has a unique taste to it there we weren’t able to pin point.

RWS Feng Shui Inn 64


Note: Feng Shui Inn’s dim sum comes in a set of 3 and they gear towards the traditional theme. Aka no fancicful dim sum as their target audience is the patrons of RWS VIP Casino where time is of the essence. So simplicity is beauty here 😉

RWS Feng Shui Inn 风水廷 (View in Google Maps)
Sentosa Gateway
Hard Rock Hotel Singapore
Resorts World Sentosa
Singapore 098269
GPS: 1.2555668,103.8198215
Tel: +65 6577 6599
Fax: +65 6577 8888

Lunch: 11am – 3pm
High Tea: 3pm – 5:30pm (Dim Sum last order at 5pm)
Dinner: 5:30pm – 11pm (Last order at 10:30pm)

Friday, Saturday & Eve of Public Holiday
Supper: 11pm – 1am (Last order at 12:30am)


Tefal Manual Chopper

Category : Cooking

Talking about the made-in-Japan minced garlic of Ajisen Ramen, I absolutely must introduce and rave about my latest kitchen helper/tool, the Tefal Manual Chopper.

It is super awesome! I love love love it 😀

Garlic is a staple around the house and we regularly buy a stash of garlic, and end up spending hours to process the garlic.

Bent over, sweaty and exhausted at the end of the day.

With our newly acquired super awesome Tefal Manual Chopper, the final step of mincing the peeled garlic is now reduced from hours to minutes with just a few pulls of the string 🙂

Tefal Manual Chopper 04

It’s really simple. Only 3 steps:
1. Put your peeled garlic into Tefal Manual Chopper

Tefal Manual Chopper 03

2. Pull and pull, depending on how fine you want your minced garlic to be

Tefal Manual Chopper 05

3. Pour out the minced garlic

Tefal Manual Chopper 06

Actually only 2 steps haha 😆

Simple right?

Tefal Manual Chopper 08

Of course Tefal Manual Chopper not only processes garlic. You can use if for other fruits and vegetables, from dicing, mincing to making sauces.

If you work with these ingredients frequently, do seriously consider getting one.

No regrets for me. It’s an awesome time-saver.

Love it!

Tefal Manual Chopper 10

FYI Tefal is also known as T-fal in USA.



Ajisen Ramen Singapore

Category : Japanese

Whenever I mention that Ajisen Ramen is nice, I’ll get the “Are you kidding” look.

Yes it’s not the best. But it isn’t all that bad either. Give it a try, or another chance. Order what I had, and most importantly, customize it and you’ll taste what I mean.

Plus, in my recent Ramen trail, I’ve had worse and more expensive Ramen where I’ll often lament that Aijsen Ramen is cheaper and better. Really. Like where? The latest was at Menya Musashi Kodou @ Westgate.

Firstly, I must declare my love for Ajisen Ramen’s Tontoro Ramen @ S$15. I used to have this everytime I dine at Ajisen Ramen until they started increasing its price to a point when I decided enough is enough and scouted for another Ramen to have at Ajisen instead.

Not to mention that I’m coming of age and can no longer stomach such a big bowl of Ramen with so many yummy slices of pork.

So enter the main lead for today. Ajisen Ramen’s Nankotsu Ramen @ S$13. It’s S$16.90 to make it a set meal where you’ll get to enjoy a side dish & drink, along with your Japanese Ramen.

You may even find melt-in-your-mouth collagen within your bowl if you’re lucky.

Here I must agree that the default Japanese Ramen @ Ajisen Ramen is so-so only. However, they have a secret weapon that will instantly elevate its level of delicious-ness.

Ta-dak~ Ajisen Ramen’s Garlic.

This is no ordinary garlic. This garlic is made and air-flown in from Japan. The original land of Japanese Ramen. You simply have to add this into your Ramen and you’ll really taste what I mean 😀

Ajisen Ramen 09

PS: And if you love to make your own minced garlic, you absolutely have to check out my latest purchase, the Tefal Manual Chopper.

Ajisen Ramen @ IMM (View in Google Maps)
Jurong East Street 21
Singapore 609601
GPS: 1.3345471,103.7447871
+65 6564 5610

Daily: 11:30am – 10:00pm