"Real differentiation doesn't have to come from a big, bold move. It can happen in a thousand small everyday ways."

When this course: AI Challenges and Opportunities for Leadership popped up in my LinkedIn Learning, it got me curious. Seeing that it was < 1 hour with a 4.7 rating, I decided “Why not”. It was definitely time well spent, where Conor Grennan shared great ideas on why and how to integrate AI into every aspect of the organization with real-world examples.

Here are some key highlights to share with everyone:

1. Keep an open mind and shift your perspectives
      a. New Tech/Trends are here to Amplify Potential instead of Diminish Value
      b. Leveraging AI requires a Culture in which employees embrace, learn and maximize AI

2. Building an AI-Friendly Culture (Trust, Communication & Collective Learning)
      a. Active Listening (in a Safe Environment) to build Trust
      b. Emphasize the importance of your People
      c. Share the Vision (Transformation AI will bring to the people)

3. AI Implementation
      a. Start with the problem (Not the Tech)
      b. Reimagine (Not just layer new tech on old processes)
      c. Involve End Users early and often (Fosters buy-in and adoption) 

4. Mitigating AI Risks
      a. Data Classification (Data guardrail)
      b. Fairness and Transparency (Use diverse and representative datasets)
      c. Data Governance (Steward responsibility)
      d. Training (Mitigate risks of data mismanagement)

5. Aligning AI to Human Ethics
      a. Transparency (The impartiality of an AI’s conclusions depends on the objectivity of the data it’s trained on)
      b. Privacy (Data management policies – only necessary data)
      c. Talent (Build a culture where your employees are a vigilant part of this process)

"Your brand is built on trust. Get this right."