Yeah! My 1st blog post about data. I’ll like to start my data series off by sharing more about a Power BI Page design I really like. It takes more time to develop, but the user experience is on a different level. View video below:

Doesn’t that look sleek, emulating an App experience? Plus everything’s on a single page, so users do no need to navigate through multiple pages to view related information. When I 1st implemented this design on 1 of the proof-of-concepts, my users fell in love with it. So how do we achieve this?

Firstly you’ll need to activate the Bookmarks & Selection panes:

Next you’ll need to start toggling the visibility of each visual to create the required Bookmarks. Here I have 3 different tabs with the below configuration:

When your Bookmarks are set up, you can now update the Action for each of the Button respectively:

Do some testing to ensure everything’s working well and we’re done!