"Quantitative data will give you solid facts & figures. Qualitative data will help to bring context & a marketable story to your goals"

In the 7th course: Fundamentals of Sustainable Supply Chains of the LinkedIn Learning Path Sustainability Transformation for Leaders, Sarah Barnes-Humphrey shared several practical tips on how to get started on your journey towards a Sustainable Supply Chain.

Similar to How to Build a Sustainability Action Plan – Part 2, the ideas below can be applied to more than just Sustainability. Hence tagging this post under both Sustainability and Business.

3 Things to Incorporate into your Planning Process
a. Foster a cross-team collaborative environment from the get-go
b. Be intentional about taking the time to assess your project as a whole, from all angles
c. Capture and leverage data to enable data-driven decisions

"Building relationships is the key to unlocking potential and discovering new, effective, and aligned ways of working."

4 Lessons from Coca-Cola’s Sustainability Action Plan
a. Set goals that are focused
b. Analyze your business unique impact
c. Create a long term plan with short term goals (I really liked this)
d. Made incremental change with impact over time

3 Takeaways from Disney’s Achievement of 99.8% Landfill Waste Diversion Rate
a. Look at the entire scope of your business
b. Identify high impact areas
c. Establish the most effective ways to make the biggest changes

"Big journeys start with small steps. Don't wait for perfection, just get started."

4 Tips to Mastering Influencing from Center for Creative Leadership
a. Organizational Intelligence
b. Create Visibility through Team Promotion
c. Trust-Building
d. Leveraging Networks

Hope the above have been helpful to you!

"Sustainability is a continuous process that requires regular analysis, innovation, and improvement."