Besides implementing an App-like experience in Power BI, another memorable data visualization approach is the process-driven design. I remember working very closely with my stakeholders. Behind closed doors. Absorbing their business domain knowledge. Uncovering pain points. And ideating together on white boards to eventually agree on this design.

I love how different and customer-centric this design is. It’s nothing like the visual-filled dashboards we’re accustomed to. I’ll always remember the very 1st reaction from folks who’re seeing this for the 1st time “Wow. Did you create this?”. To that I’ll say “It’s a team effort”.

These days when data visualizations can be easily created/suggested by AI tools like Copilot for Power BI & Amazon Q in QuickSight, maybe it’s time to rethink what’s our value add and switch perspective/design? What do you think?