Hi, I’m Soh Cheng!

Hi there, thanks for popping by this humble little blog of mine. I’m Soh Cheng, a Senior Business Intelligence Analyst from Singapore in title and a thinker, dreamer and traveller in life. I’m constantly in pursuit of my purpose, goal and potential while unraveling the hidden messages and challenges that comes and goes.

Most of the time we know what’s the right thing to do. However it’s often not easy to do the right thing. Worst, we regret not doing the right thing after the opportune moment passed us by when we know we could have made a difference by simply choosing to do something, anything.

It’s like studying. We all know that we should study consistently, grow our knowledge, revise our work on a daily basis, clarify when in doubt, put in the efforts to memorise and practice, practice, practice in order to excel in our exams and get good grades to enter good schools and in turn secure a good job with optimal career prospects. Imagine & feel the good vibes from making this effort. Now, my next question is “Did you do it?”

That’s the thinker in me. Analysing my past actions, what did I do good in and what could I have done differently, better if there’s a next time. The dreamer in me is the part that keeps me sane in this demanding world as I build sandcastles in the air about realizing my potential and achieving what’s best in life. Not forgetting the traveller who escapes from life occasionally, taking a breather from the city in a different realm while learning new things with different perspectives along the journey of life.

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