Tefal Manual Chopper

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Talking about the made-in-Japan minced garlic of Ajisen Ramen, I absolutely must introduce and rave about my latest kitchen helper/tool, the Tefal Manual Chopper.

It is super awesome! I love love love it 😀

Garlic is a staple around the house and we regularly buy a stash of garlic, and end up spending hours to process the garlic.

Bent over, sweaty and exhausted at the end of the day.

With our newly acquired super awesome Tefal Manual Chopper, the final step of mincing the peeled garlic is now reduced from hours to minutes with just a few pulls of the string 🙂

Tefal Manual Chopper 04

It’s really simple. Only 3 steps:
1. Put your peeled garlic into Tefal Manual Chopper

Tefal Manual Chopper 03

2. Pull and pull, depending on how fine you want your minced garlic to be

Tefal Manual Chopper 05

3. Pour out the minced garlic

Tefal Manual Chopper 06

Actually only 2 steps haha 😆

Simple right?

Tefal Manual Chopper 08

Of course Tefal Manual Chopper not only processes garlic. You can use if for other fruits and vegetables, from dicing, mincing to making sauces.

If you work with these ingredients frequently, do seriously consider getting one.

No regrets for me. It’s an awesome time-saver.

Love it!

Tefal Manual Chopper 10

FYI Tefal is also known as T-fal in USA.