The Animal Farm

Category : Creative Moments

I was watching a repeat of The Million Dollar Money Drop which was featuring a celebrity special playing for charity when one of the questions asked was about plays. I only recognized Macbeth from my secondary school literature classes when I uttered this statement “Literature is fun, except for The Animal Farm”. I paused and I gasped, it rhythms! Inspired, I started working on a little poem below, just for fun.

It was something I haven’t done in a very long time (ever since my English teachers stopped asking the class for poem submissions). It sure wasn’t easy getting the phrases to rhythm and I spent more time on this little poem compared to other blog posts. It may not be easy or perfect but it was definitely an enjoyable process.

My little poem about The Animal Farm

Literature is fun,
Except for The Animal Farm.
The first book I had to read,
Gave me such a headache.

Applauded as a great literature piece,
It definitely gave me no peace.
Of humans, pigs and tyranny,
Poor animals that didn’t foresee.

The pigs conspired,
The animals inspired.
Chase out the humans,
To gain your freedom.

Out went the farmers,
There was joy and laughter.
Alas it was short-lived,
As the pigs started to scheme.

Gradually taking control,
The animals back to their old role.
To serve yet again,
For their new two-legged masters’ gain.