Kuvo Ambrosia & Elixirs @ Orchard Shopping Centre

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The food & ambience at Kuvo @ Orchard Shopping Centre is amazing!

Kuvo is a lifestyle concept by TCC and its secret location is on the 2nd floor of Orchard Shopping Centre, where Lei Garden used to occupy.

Stepping into Kuvo is like entering into a different world, away from the bustling crowd of Orchard road and old façade of Orchard Shopping Centre.

I would never have guess that there’s such an exquisite restaurant here if not for the recommendation of my old friend 😀

Kuvo @ Orchard Shopping Centre 06

Kuvo @ Orchard Shopping Centre 15

Kuvo @ Orchard Shopping Centre 16

We are here today to go through the wedding details of our groom-to-be while tucking into the gorgeous food of Kuvo by TCC.

I always enjoy myself in the company of my classmates and the good food @ Kuvo is just icing on the cake 🙂

Kuvo recently changed their menu from all day breakfast to small plates aka tapas. I love tapas!

And Kuvo’s tapas received raves from the class. They’re amazing albeit pricey.

Our evening started with Kuvo Portobello with Asparagus & Jalapeno @ S$12++. It’s sautéed portobello mushroom and green asparagus with jalapeno peppers and cherry tomato. Nicely seasoned, perfect texture.

Kuvo @ Orchard Shopping Centre 18

And as declared, this is the best Grilled Octopus @ S$16++ we’ve ever eaten. Kuvo’s sous-vide octopus leg with slow-cooked potato and smoked paprika is perfect.Nice flavour and perfect texture. Highly recommended.

Kuvo @ Orchard Shopping Centre 19

Here’s the dish of the night, Kuvo English Scotch Egg @ S$14 with melted edam cheese and red wine onion au jus (choice of wagyu beef, veal or tuna). The choice made here is wagyu beef & we had 2 orders of it! *Thumbs up*

I heard that this dish is not commonly available at restaurants because of the difficulty to achieve a nicely done egg with runny yolk within the meat. This is a must have when dining at Kuvo!

Kuvo @ Orchard Shopping Centre 20

Kuvo @ Orchard Shopping Centre 21

This is a very different Calamari @ S$16++ sautéed in garlic and extra virgin olive oil with pork charizo. This also received positive reviews while I’m partial to it.

Kuvo @ Orchard Shopping Centre 22

Another dish which we had 2 orders of is Kuvo Coffee Hot Wings @ S$14++ with baby carrot crudités and blue cheese dip.

Crispy, spicy, yummy with a nice twist of blue cheese dip. *Thumbs up*

 Kuvo @ Orchard Shopping Centre 23

Amidst all the positive reviews, we were served Kuvo Atlantic Cod Meuniere @ S$20++ with sweet pea-crusted fresh cod medallion with pearl barley fricassee and citrus nutty-brown butter.

I’m not a fan of pea so nothing much to comment here, but the texture of the Atlantic Cod is…yes, you guessed it, perfect. Very nice 🙂

Kuvo @ Orchard Shopping Centre 24

As for carbs, we had Kuvo Slipper Lobster Laksa Lemak @ S$14++ with half slipper lobster and thick vermicelli in spicy assam coconut broth. Compared to the earlier dishes, this is a little lacklustre.

Kuvo @ Orchard Shopping Centre 25

Ending our lovely meal on a healthy note is Kuvo Caesar 63°C @ S$12++ with premium italian prosciutto, 63°C slow-cooked egg, housemade casesar dressing and delectable parmigiano-reggiano shaves, with added smoked salmon @ S$3++.

It’s not bad though its egg is nothing compared to The Missing Pan @ Bt Timah 62 Degree Eggs.

Kuvo @ Orchard Shopping Centre 28

All in all, I highly recommend Kuvo Ambrosia & Elixirs @ Orchard Shopping Centre *Thumbs up* 😉

Kuvo Ambrosia & Elixirs @ Orchard Shopping Centre (View in Google Maps)
321 Orchard Road #02-01
Orchard Shopping Centre
Singapore 238866
GPS: 1.3034378,103.8325886
Tel: +65 6733 8272
Fax: +65 6733 9190


Sun – Thu & Public Holiday
12pm – 1am

Fri, Sat & Eve of Public Holiday
12pm – 2am



The Missing Pan @ Bt Timah

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The Missing Pan @ Bt Timah serves the BEST Eggs Benedict! There, I’ve said it. And they’re seriously good. Best Eggs Benedict ever!

Though I guess I’ll have to try the Eggs Benedict at Skyve Wine Bistro @ Winstedt Rd & Wild Honey @ Scotts Square to know for sure…

Anyway, I got to know about The Missing Pan though a television programme which focuses on their 62 Degrees Eggs Benedict, saying that the owners went through many trial & errors before concluding that 62 degrees is the perfect temperature to make the perfect egg.

I couldn’t agree more!

So when a decision is made to have our team lunch at The Missing Pan @ Bt Timah, I’m overjoyed and ordered their 62 Degree Eggs Benedict With Smoked SalmonAvocado, seaweed crumbs on sourdough with in-house hollandaise without hesitation.

The Eggs Benedict texture is perfect. It’s soft and velvety yet not runny. I can mix/stir the egg yolk and egg white and it’ll still stay in its semi-liquid form. It doesn’t drip off my utensils.

I can enjoy the Eggs Benedict on its own or use it as a dip for the sourdough bread or combine it with the smoked salmon and they’re all good.

As you can see, the Eggs Benedict doesn’t collapse even after I split it open. And yes, the salmon is still raw on the inside, just the way I like it. What can I say? Delicious, 好吃, Sedap, 美味しい, 맛있어요!

My colleague had another version of The Missing Pan’s Eggs Benedict, 62 Degree Eggs Benedict With HamHoney grilled gammon ham, sauteed spinach and mushroom, buttered corn, in-house hollandaise. He wasn’t wowed by it, commenting that it’s okay.

I have to provide some background though, he doesn’t like corn. See all those corn under the hollandaise? And the honey grilled gammon ham was too little for him aka not enough meat. Plus he’s not a vegetables person. So he kind of regretted ordering this instead of a burger. But hey, he just wanted to try something different 😉

Next up, The Missing Pan’s French Toast SalpiconChicken, spinach and mushroom stuffed in French toast, banana nuggets, mixed berries, strawberry-smoked maple syrup. Doesn’t this look sweet? Nice presentation with fruits nicely arrange over a thick French Toast.

First impression, we all thought this was a dessert dish until she cut into the French Toast. Lo and behold, a secret stash of chicken and mushroom spilled out. She commented that the French Toast Salpicon is quite nice and very filling. By the way, the banana nuggets are goreng pisang (deep fried banana) 🙂

Our vegetarian colleague had the Reza YoghurtGreek yoghurt, cucumber, radish, granny smith, raisins, mint, homemade chewy granola stick. She commented that it was okay.

She wanted to order The Missing Pan’s Beetroot Quinoa Salad initially but we were informed that they ran out. The last I checked, Reza Yoghurt is no longer on The Missing Pan’s menu.

And lastly, we also ordered a set of The Missing Piece to share. Mostly out of curiosity as to what is it. These chocolate cookies-look-alike are pretty nice with an interesting texture. Like a honeycomb.

The Missing Pan @ Bt Timah (View in Google Maps)
619D Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 269724
GPS: 1.324528,103.809256
Tel: +65 6466 4377

Tues – Sat: 9am – 5pm & 6pm – 10pm
Sun: 9am – 6pm

Closed on Mondays & Sundays Dinner



Skyve Wine Bistro @ Winstedt Rd

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I’m very excited to finally have the chance to dine at Skyve Elementary Bistro & Bar @ Winstedt Rd! I’ve often looked longingly at the restaurant while waiting for my husband to finish his work at the real estate property office. And it looks like a really nice place to chill & hang out.

I’ve read somewhere that Skyve Elementary Bistro & Bar was known as Table 66 previously, and I’ve read glowing reviews about Table 66 in Facebook previously so I definitely have a high expectation of Skyve Wine Bistro.

Entering the restaurant, the interior is very nicely decorated (can you spot the rocking chair in the background?) with fresh orchids on every table and interesting table mats to keep us entertained while waiting for our food.

We have a mushroom lover in our group so when she says that the mushroom soup is nice, guarantee plus chop that Skyve Wine Bistro’s Mixed Wild Mushroom Soup is a must drink for mushroom soup lovers.

Next up is Ricotta Hot Cakes which is very nice when you 1st sink your teeth into the dish. Greeted with the aroma of maple syrup, the passion fruit butter also adds an interesting twist to it.

However, towards the end of the hot cakes, there’s a risk of feeling “sick” as it all taste the same. Suggestion will be to order this for sharing instead. Too much of a good thing is not so good afterall~

Skyve Wine Bistro’s Minute Beef Steak Sandwich has a similar story line. The beef is very tender and it earned a *nod of approval* at the start. Its descend in stars is mainly attributed to the fact that the portion is too huge. Too much fries. Maybe it’ll be ok for diners with a bigger appetite?

Check out the gorgeous eggs benedict! This is the Skyve Sous Vide Eggs Benedict. Where and how to start eating this? No problem for my skillful colleague who gave this dish *thumbs up*. She commented that she’ll like to try Wild Honey’s Eggs Benedict one of these days to see whether Skyve Wine Bistro’s better or Wild Honey’s better.

Skyve Wine Bistro’s Kurobuta Pork Cheeks Burger was finished in a flash! What’s delightful about this Pork Burger is its super crispy bun. The downside is the accompanying Sweet & Spicy Korean sauce which didn’t sit too well with my colleague. The description given was “Weird”. The Sweet & Spicy Korean sauce was hardly touched.

Last but not least, my Norwegian Salmon Fillet with Citrus Butter Sauce. My 1st thought was “So small only?” Anyway I started to dissect the dish and started with the sides. The mushrooms were very tender and nicely seasoned, as were the carrot, broccoli & fake corn. I was a little disappointed that real corn wasn’t used instead as I love sweet corn.

I’ll like to give a special mention to the potatoes. The potatoes were nicely baked with the skin on. The texture was just nice with a hint of garlic. I finished all of it! Which I usually don’t cause of the carbo.

And finally the salmon. Woooooo~ This must be one of the nicest Norwegian Salmon Fillet I’ve eaten! The salmon skin is very crispy *thumbs up* and the salmon was done just right. The outer layer is cooked while the inner layer was left slightly raw so there’s a variety of texture & taste for that 1 thick slice of salmon. And yes it’s not that small afterall. I was very full after finishing Skyve Wine Bistro’s Norwegian Salmon Fillet. Yummy~

Skyve Elementary Bistro & Bar @ Winstedt Rd’s “The Loafing Breakfast” & “The Sluggish Lunch” Menus are only available on weekdays at 10am to 4pm & noon to 4pm respectively.

If you’re looking for a place to hang out with friends e.g. the tai tai lifestyle or to organize team lunches & gatherings, why not check out Skyve Elementary Bistro & Bar that’s nicely tucked away @ Winstedt Rd, away from the hustle & bustle of the busy main road.

It may be livelier at night as I noticed a live band setup in a corner of the restaurant. Plus there’s a full fledged bar. If the weather is cool enough, there’s always the alfresco option in their garden 😉

Skyve Wine Bistro (View in Google Maps)
No.10 Winstedt Road
Block E, #01-17
Singapore 227977
+65 6225 6690

Open Daily: Monday to Sunday (including Public Holidays)
10am till late (last order 10:30pm)



Wild Honey All Day Breakfast at Scotts Square

Category : Afternoon Tea, Breakfast

I’ve always preferred eating breakfast as compared to lunch. I love love love Burger King’s croissan’wich, Long John Silver’s Texas Chicken Breakfast & McDonald’s McMuffins. Opps…all fast food.

So I was naturally curious when I started to see photos of all day breakfast meals at Wild Honey popping up in facebook now & then. And boy do those food photos look yummy-licious! 🙂

Guess what, the farewell lunch for our Partner & Field Business Partner is held at Wild Honey. Yeah!

Since it was lunch and we do need a reservation, our team headed to Wild Honey at Scotts Square which accepts reservation. Wild Honey at Mandarin Gallery does not accept reservations. Luckily a reservation was made as Wild Honey was packed!

Like Paul Singapore, Wild Honey is a really nice place to hang out with a few of your friends on a lazy afternoon. The setting of the restaurant is very comfortable and conducive to just stick around. They also have an outdoor patio facing Royal Plaza On Scotts. Personally I prefer the aircon indoors 😉

I ordered one of Wild Honey’s signature dishes – English Breakfast and the Wild Iced Tea recommended by the server.

The scrambled eggs texture was just nice and the mushrooms were nicely flavoured. The bread (brioche) was fluffy and goes nicely with both the bowl of baked beans and butter. I belong to the old fashioned genre who prefers bread with butter 🙂

Having gone to Paul French Bakery Restaurant who served their own-made butter, I was a little disappointed that Wild Honey provides off-the-shelf butter. Am I getting picky?

Anyway, the only complain I have is that the Cumberland pork sausage was way too salty for my liking and I am a sausage person. The portion was also too much for me to finish. And because I love bread with butter, I stuffed the last chunk of brioche down my throat which tipped the balance from full to stuffed.

As for the Wild Iced Tea, dislike. I will not order it again. A colleague had the Queen Bee which was also recommended by the server. His comment was that the grapefruit overpowered the honey. For your information, Queen Bee is a Honey Mocktail in the menu…

Other than that, our team is generally happy with the food and ambience. All the other breakfast meals received thumbs up, including the Chicken Chop Chop. If you are a mushroom person, do go for Portobello Road. I heard the mmm~ of satisfaction from my colleague who had Portobello Road. She also went on to order more bread for take away.

Many of us say that we will definitely return to Wild Honey. Undoubtedly a sign of approval 🙂

Wild Honey Scotts Square (Accepts Reservations) (View in Google Maps)
6 Scotts Road 3rd floor
Sun – Thu 9am – 9pm
Fri, Sat & Evening of Public Holiday 9am – 10pm
Tel: +65 6636 1816

Wild Honey Mandarin Gallery (Walk in Only) (View in Google Maps)
333a Orchard Road 3rd floor
Sun – Thu 9am – 9pm
Fri, Sat & Evening of Public Holiday 9am – 10pm


Paul French Bakery Restaurant at Ngee Ann City Orchard

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Are there times when you simply run out of ideas on where to eat and you’ll just look at each other with no answers after a lengthy discussion? Today was one of those days and after an unfruitful debate, we decided to leave it to the buses aka fate.

And that’s how we ended up in Ngee Ann City Orchard Road, otherwise known as Takashimaya. Here comes the next problem. Where exactly to eat? Which restaurant or eatery? And there was silence…you can almost hear a pin drop. Ok, ok, I was just being dramatic.

The good thing is, when everyone is silent for too long, there will always be a leader to suggest and lead us. Yeah! *grin* So, thanks to our dear leader, we are here at Paul French Bakery Restaurant at Ngee Ann City Orchard. And boy must I say, “This is lifestyle!”

Paul Maison De Qualité is definitely the place to hang out on a lazy afternoon, chit chatting with friends over a cup of tea and their awesome looking pastries. Their price point is slightly on the high side, depending on what you order 🙂 However their food is pretty decent and the environment is great!

Most of us has no major complains about their food except for the price point which we agree is befitting of the atmosphere. Here are some of the highlights & lowlights:

Millefeuille fraises & Hachis parmentier received huge thumbs up.

Le grand macaron was a little too sweet for our liking. Not sure if all macarons are like that or maybe because it was “upsized”?

Pure Jee is reputed to be Paul Singapore’s ever darkest chocolate pastry in their range however it doesn’t taste like dark chocolate. The only taste I tasted was sweet.

Will I come again? Sure. However I will give Pure Jee a miss and just order Paul Singapore’s crusty croissant with butter. Yum Yum~

PAUL Takashimaya (View in Google Maps)
391 Orchard Road
Ngee Ann City
Singapore 238872
Bakery Shop: +65 6836 1914
Restaurant: +65 6836 5932

Monday to Thursday & Sunday: 10am – 9:30pm
Friday to Saturday: 10am – 10:30pm

Bakery Shop
Monday to Thursday & Sunday: 9am – 9:30pm
Friday to Saturday: 9am – 10:30pm

Open on all Public Holidays except:
Eve of Chinese New Year: 9am – 5pm
Closed on 1st and 2nd day of Chinese New Year

Total Seating Capacity: 130

(OPENING SOON) PAUL Tanglin Mall (View in Google Maps)
163 Tanglin Road #01-16/17
Singapore 247933
Bakery Shop: +65 6736 3205
Restaurant: +65 6736 3257