Menya Musashi @ VivoCity

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For completeness sake, I’ve decided to include my Ramen experience at Menya Musashi VivoCity.

For folks who are still curious about Menya Musashi and want to give it a try, you could consider having their Lunch Special @ S$12.90++.

It comes with 1 Signature Cha Shu Ramen, 1 Side Dish and 1 Houji Tea, and is available on weekdays from 11:30am – 3pm, excluding Public Holiday and eve of Public Holiday.

Menya Musashi 02

For folks who have read my earlier post on Menya Musashi Kodou @ Westgate you’ll know that I’m not a fan of Menya Musashi Ramen. So let me just go through this real quick.

We ordered 2 sets of Menya Musashi’s Lunch Special and a Chicken Cutlet Rice Set.

First up are their side dishes, California Maki and Deep Fried Gyoza.

They were both average and I was a little taken aback by the sparse distribution of Tobiko (flying fish roe) on the California Maki.

Menya Musashi 12

Menya Musashi 13

Two of us had the same Menya Musashi’s Black Cha Shu Ramen Lunch Special @ S$12.90++ which was indicated as Popular in their ala carte menu.

Yes, you guessed it. Our verdict is average.

Menya Musashi 14

And here’s the Chicken Cutlet Rice Set @ S$14.90++. Also average.

Menya Musashi 16

Menya Musashi 17

We concluded that the food at Menya Musashi VivoCity was so-so only, and we most probably won’t return for lunch.

Menya Musashi @ VivoCity (View in Google Maps)
1 Harbourfront Walk
Singapore 098585
GPS: 1.2646184,103.8208233
+65 6376 9519

Daily: 11:30am – 10pm



Menya Musashi Kodou @ Westgate

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Menya Musashi Japanese Ramen. This Japanese Ramen restaurant also have quite a number of branches in Singapore like Ajisen Ramen.

The difference is that there is almost always a queue outside its doors unlike Ajisen Ramen.

Being Singaporean, this was what attracted me to give Menya Musashi Ramen another chance.

Have queue = good right? Wrong 🙁

I said another chance because I already had Menya Musashi @ VivoCity before. Albeit I had their S$12.90++ Lunch Special then.

So, seeing the long queue outside Menya Musashi Kodou @ Westgate, we decided to give it a try…

Menya Musashi Kodou 01

To give it a fair chance, or should I say the best chance, I decided to have Menya Musashi Kodou’s Special. At least I think it was special since it has its very own handout.

Which is *drumroll* Menya Musashi Kodou’s One Sword Yakibuta Ramen @ S$19.90++. Doesn’t the picture look impressive?

Menya Musashi Kodou 03

I ordered the Ramen Set @ S$22.90++ which comes with Musashi Chicken Karage (4 pcs) and a drink.

The Chicken Karage was served first and it was…lacklustre and unmemorable.

Menya Musashi Kodou 15

Then my One Sword Yakibuta Ramen was up. But…but…where is the sword? 😕

The handout said it uses premium pork belly marinated in Menya Musashi Kodou’s secret sauce, set to tantalise our tastebuds.

I think my tastebud was tortured instead 😥

Menya Musashi Kodou 17

Firstly, the noodles doesn’t taste like Japanese Ramen. It resembles more closely to wanton noodles.

Next, the premium pork belly (marinated in Menya Musashi Kodou’s secret sauce)  tastes like char siew to me. And it’s so fatty.

More than 50% of the pork belly is fats, and it is not the type that melts in your mouth. A far cry from Bangkok’s Famous Wanton Mee Pork Knuckles Rice with melt in your mouth fats. Mmm~

Menya Musashi Kodou 19

The only good thing (I guess) is its huge portion. I was stuffed trying to finish my One Sword Yakibuta Ramen and gave up in the end.

My date had Menya Musashi Kodou’s Black Aburi Chicken Ramen @ S$13.90. It was also disappointing.

Menya Musashi Kodou 16

I don’t think I will give it a third chance…

By the way, if you don’t already know, both Aijen Ramen & Menya Musashi are owned by the same company, Japan Foods Holding.

Menya Musashi Kodou @ Westgate (View in Google Maps)
3 Gateway Drive
Singapore 608532
GPS: 1.3340704,103.7406779
+65 6465 9381

Daily: 11:30am – 10pm




Ajisen Ramen Singapore

Category : Japanese

Whenever I mention that Ajisen Ramen is nice, I’ll get the “Are you kidding” look.

Yes it’s not the best. But it isn’t all that bad either. Give it a try, or another chance. Order what I had, and most importantly, customize it and you’ll taste what I mean.

Plus, in my recent Ramen trail, I’ve had worse and more expensive Ramen where I’ll often lament that Aijsen Ramen is cheaper and better. Really. Like where? The latest was at Menya Musashi Kodou @ Westgate.

Firstly, I must declare my love for Ajisen Ramen’s Tontoro Ramen @ S$15. I used to have this everytime I dine at Ajisen Ramen until they started increasing its price to a point when I decided enough is enough and scouted for another Ramen to have at Ajisen instead.

Not to mention that I’m coming of age and can no longer stomach such a big bowl of Ramen with so many yummy slices of pork.

So enter the main lead for today. Ajisen Ramen’s Nankotsu Ramen @ S$13. It’s S$16.90 to make it a set meal where you’ll get to enjoy a side dish & drink, along with your Japanese Ramen.

You may even find melt-in-your-mouth collagen within your bowl if you’re lucky.

Here I must agree that the default Japanese Ramen @ Ajisen Ramen is so-so only. However, they have a secret weapon that will instantly elevate its level of delicious-ness.

Ta-dak~ Ajisen Ramen’s Garlic.

This is no ordinary garlic. This garlic is made and air-flown in from Japan. The original land of Japanese Ramen. You simply have to add this into your Ramen and you’ll really taste what I mean 😀

Ajisen Ramen 09

PS: And if you love to make your own minced garlic, you absolutely have to check out my latest purchase, the Tefal Manual Chopper.

Ajisen Ramen @ IMM (View in Google Maps)
Jurong East Street 21
Singapore 609601
GPS: 1.3345471,103.7447871
+65 6564 5610

Daily: 11:30am – 10:00pm



Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King Four Seasons @ Bugis Village

Category : Japanese

As shared in my earlier post on NanTsuTtei Ramen @ Orchard Central, Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King Four Seasons @ Bugis Village is currently our favourite Japanese Ramen Restaurant in Singapore.

Thanks to the great recommendation from our Japanese friend 🙂

Queuing is a norm here and you’ll only be seated when everyone in your party has arrived. Free Japanese barley tea is also thoughtfully provided for folks waiting in the queue too.

Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King Four Seasons 10

As you can tell from the restaurant name, the theme here is four seasons. You can choose from a variety of Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter & King Ramen here at Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King Four Seasons 😀

I’ve tried both Autumn (Pork minced with bonitos flavor & Fried mixed mushroom) @ S$12.90

And Winter (Pork broth Ramen) @ S$10.90.

While both are nice, I prefer Autumn as it’s more intense in flavor while Winter a little lighter in flavor for me.

Besides choosing the type of Ramen, there are also options to top up S$1 to include Japanese seaweed, S$2 for a Japanese flavoured egg or S$4 to include all toppings.

Ramen is served pretty quickly and you can grind the sesame seeds to powder or start on the free marinated bean sprouts and boiled eggs while waiting. Never a dull moment 😉

Looking at the photos, I’m missing and craving for Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King Four Seasons already! Time to plan a trip down to Bugis Village *slurp*

Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King Four Seasons @ Bugis Village (View in Google Maps)
158 Rochor Road
Bugis Village
Singapore 188433
GPS: 1.300997,103.855256
+65 6333 5740

Lunch: 11:30am – 2:30pm
Dinner: 5pm – 10:30pm



NanTsuTtei Ramen @ Orchard Central

Category : Japanese

I was super excited when I saw NanTsuTtei Ramen’s logo displayed outside Orchard Central.

I couldn’t resist snapping a photo of it to share and say, let’s go try and see if it’s the same as what we had in NanTsuTtei Ramen @ Siam Paragon Bangkok.

So understandably when the opportunity arises, I was elated queuing outside NanTsuTtei Ramen @ Orchard Central, and settled for a bar top seat as every other table is filled!

This must be a good sign right.

Unlike NanTsuTtei Ramen @ Siam Paragon Bangkok, NanTsuTtei Ramen @ Orchard Central does not have discounted mini Ramen. So do take note, your mini Ramen costs the same as the regular Ramen. In that case, of course we’ll go for the latter right.

First impression, NanTsuTtei Orchard Central’s presentation of their condiments & utensils isn’t as good as their Siam Paragon counterpart, who has everything neatly displayed in a nifty organiser.

And here comes the highlight of the evening. NanTsuTtei ChaShu Ramen @ S$16 with an Ajitsuke Tamago (Flavored Boiled Egg) @ S$1.5.

Followed by NanTsuTtei Maru-toku Negi ChaShu Ramen @ S$17 which is essentially NanTsuTtei ChaShu Ramen with all the toppings – ShiRaGa NeGi, BanNou NeGi & ChaShu.

I was disappointed.

NanTsuTtei Orchard Central’s Ramen is a far cry from NanTsuTtei Siam Paragon Bangkok’s Ramen. Their soup base is lackluster and the Ramen is overcooked with a soggy texture 🙁

For comparison’s sake, we also ordered NanTsuTtei’s Fried Chicken Karaage with wasabi mayo tartar sauce @S$6.

Once again, disappointed.

Presentation aside, NanTsuTtei Orchard Central’s Fried Chicken Karaage tastes like any other chicken cutlet with some random sauce.

And to top it all off, NanTsuTtei Ramen is expensive.

There are cheaper and better Ramen like our current favourite Ramen Place – Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King Four Seasons @ Bugis Village.

NanTsuTtei Ramen @ Orchard Central (View in Google Maps)
181 Orchard Road
Orchard Central #07-12/13
Singapore 238896
GPS: 1.300934,103.840008
+65 6337 7166

Daily: 11am – 10:30pm (Last Order 10pm)



Yayoiken Japanese Teishoku Restaurant @ Star Vista

Category : Japanese

Yayoiken Japanese Teishoku Restaurant is another great find and recommendation by our lovely colleague thumbs up

Similar to Italian food, Japanese food tends to be slightly more expensive when compared to other cuisines. So when we saw the price range of the food at Yayoiken Japanese Teishoku Restaurant, we were all pleasantly surprised.

Besides serving affordable Japanese cuisine ranging from under S$10, Yayoiken also has a wide variety of food with “over 100 delicacies” to choose from.

We decided to each order a main dish plus some side dishes for sharing so we could try more items. The overall feedback was good and we were all stuffed at the end of our meals.

I ordered Yayoiken’s Tekka Don @ S$14.9 which is rice topped with tuna fish. With a S$1.9 top up to upgrade the Miso Shiru to Kaijiru.

I really enjoyed the Tekka Don. The Tuna is fresh and when consumed together with the Japanese rice & seaweed, with some wasabi from time to time…yummy~

I can’t say the same for the Kaijiru though. For folks who like clams, it’s really very clam-y. The soup is filled with a whole lot of clams. Honestly I’ve never seen so many clams in a small bowl of soup before. Haha~

However, the soup tasted too clam-y for my liking. I was a little overwhelmed. Of course this is just my personal preference.

Yayoiken’s Katsu Don @ S$12.9 which is pork cutlet & scrambled egg rice bowl also got the nod of approval from my colleague. And it was very filling.

The final main course for the day is Yayoiken’s Combo Hamburg Set @ S$19.9 which is combo steaks with hamburg, wiener sausages and bacon set. As you can see, it’s a lot of food! The feedback was good as well.

And here comes the 1st side dish, Yayoiken’s Ebi Tempura @S$8.9 which is 5 pieces of deep fried prawn. The tempura is lightly flavoured and we didn’t get the greasy feeling from it which is good.

Next up is Gyoza @ S$4.9 which is 6 pieces of Japanese dumplings served with vinegar & a bottle of chilli oil. I didn’t really like Yayoiken’s gyoza. They weren’t crispy enough for me. The chilli oil helped abit though.

And finally, last but not least, Yayoiken’s Tori Karaage @ S$10.9 which is deep fried crispy chicken. These were definitely crispy. And it was served with some salt which is a 1st for me. I enjoyed the Tori Karaage both with and without the salt 🙂

Yayoiken Japanese Teishoku Restaurant (View in Google Maps)
1 Vista Exchange Green Unit
#02-01/02 The Star Vista
Singapore 138617
GPS: 1.306954,103.788258
+65 6570 2668

Daily: 11am – 10pm (Last Order 9:30pm)



Japanese Curry Rice @ Coco Ichibanya

Category : Japanese, Promotions

This is a very straightforward, short & sweet blog post. I simply LOVE the Japanese Pork Cutlet Curry Rice @ Coco Ichibanya. It has become my latest comfort food!

I like that we get to choose the degree of spiciness from 0 onwards (Spicy Level 2 works best for me) & the amount of rice we want.

Best of all, Coco Ichibanya actually deduct S$1 off your bill if you choose to have less rice which really won me over!

How many places do you know of that actually rebates you for ordering less rice? To my knowledge, only Coco Ichibanya.


I first ate here with my colleagues because of Coco Ichibanya’s Super Saver Coupon whereby for S$12.80 nett, you’ll get a FREE Iced Lemon Tea & Mini Salad with every Japanese Curry Rice order.

Oh yes, this reminds me. You can also choose to top-up S$3.50 to make your Japanese Curry Rice a set too, anytime.

Coco Ichibanya’s Super Saver Coupon promotion has already ended on 30 June 2013. Their latest promotion is 50% off your second ala carte item with Citibank Credit Card for weekdays only. Excludes Public Holidays & Eves of Public Holidays.

No end date was written on the Citibank Banner so to be on the safe side, make a trip to Coco Ichibanya with a friend soon to check it out 😉

Coco Ichibanya doesn’t have a Singapore website & their Facebook page doesn’t seem to have a list of Coco Ichibanya outlets in Singapore. I only know that there’s a branch in The Star Vista & Bugis+. Hope this helps 🙂




My Maiden Food Post – Kotobuki

Category : Japanese

Not so long ago, I came to know about this great Japanese restaurant at AXA Tower – Kotobuki. The food is good and the pricing is reasonable. In fact I’m a returning customer. This is my 2nd visit.

Being a cold soba fan, I couldn’t resist ordering the Wafu Men Set – 3 Kinds Mixed Cold Noodles with Tempura on my 1st visit. The noodles are really nice, just too much.

Half-way into the set I got kinda sick of it as I only have the soba and tempura. So the variety is not there. If I had shared this set with another friend and ordered some side dishes, it may not be that bad.

On my 2nd visit, I ordered the Sakura Sushi Set – Mixed Sushi with Mixed Tempura and Hot Soba. My Japanese colleague had it on our 1st visit and said that it was good so I went for it.

The sushi is really fresh and the tempura’s batter is light and not too overwhelmingly oily. My only dislikes are the sotong sushi and capsicum tempura. Only reason being I’ve never liked these two items all the while.

This time round we also had the Aburi Sake Maki – BBQ Salmon Roll with Avocado for sharing. Sponsored by a friend who’s feeling full. The BBQ salmon is flavourful while the avocado is soft and creamy. A perfect combo *slurp*

We even ordered a 2nd serving alas they ran out of avocado. It’s simply not the same with cucumber 🙁 I will definitely order this on my next visit if and only if it’s avocado.

Their beef curry and donburis also received positive feedbacks. In fact the beef curry was highly recommended by the friend who introduced us to this Japanese restaurant.

All in all it was a great dining experience. The company is good and the food is great. It feels like we are getting so much value for the buck. I’ll definitely return for more if I get the chance to do so.

Kotobuki also has private rooms available with a minimum purchase of S$200.

Here’s Kotobuki‘s website if you’re interested to find out more.

Kotobuki Restaurant (Shenton Way) (View in Google Maps)
8 Shenton Way
Singapore 068811
+65 6327 9590

Open Daily Except Sunday and Public Holiday
Lunch: 11:30am – 2:30pm (Last Order: 2.00pm)
Dinner: 5:30pm – 10:30pm (Last Order: 10.00pm)