Joo Mak @ Beauty World Menu

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It’s been a looong while since I’ve been to my favourite Korean Restaurant, Joo Mak @ Beauty World.

Beauty World hasn’t been such an accessible place for my friends though we really love Joo Mak’s authentic Korean food.

Like their super delicious military soup (Budae Jjigae), crispy fried chicken (Yangnyeom Tongdak) and seafood pancake (Hae Mul Pa Jeon).

The best ever!

Unable to help myself, I find myself wandering to the front of Joo Mak when I was visiting Beauty World for dinner.

Sadly it was closed for the day due to some repair works.

Of course this also presented me with the opportunity to capture photos of Joo Mak’s latest Menu to share with my fellow Korean food loving kakis 😀

And for fans of Joo Mak @ Beauty World and all Koran food lovers out there too 😉

주막 Joo Mak 酒幕 (View in Google Maps)
Korean Restaurant Joo Mak
144 Upper Bukit Timah Road #04-01
Beauty World Centre
Singapore 588177

GPS: 1.342398,103.776134

+65 6466 7871
+65 9735 2570

Lunch (Except Monday)
12:00pm – 3:00pm

6:00pm – 11:00pm




Seoul Restaurant Korean Charcoal BBQ Buffet @ Regent Hotel

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We’ve heard praises of Seoul Restaurant from a friend who’s been asking us to try the food there since like almost forever hahaha…okay, that’s abit over.

Seoul Restaurant is also known the Regent Hotel Korean BBQ amongst us. So if you’ve heard about Regent Hotel Korean BBQ, this is the one.

Well, today is the day. The only thing that’s missing is…the person who jio-ed us to Seoul Restaurant…

I must say, Seoul Restaurant has a very good range of food for their buffet that is not limited to meat only. This is very different from the other Korean BBQ buffets I’ve tried.

Besides Beef, Pork & Chicken meats, Seoul Restaurant also offers Korean dishes like pancakes, stews & noodles. This is good for folks who go in bigger groups.

More things to try, with the option to alternate between Korean BBQ Meat, free-flow side dishes & Korean main dishes.

As there’re only 3 of us, we focused mainly on the meats. For beef, my friends had B3 – Yangnyeom Galbisal – Marinated Beef Boneless Short Rib in Seasoned Soy Sauce & B4 – Galbisal – Boneless Beef Short Rib. Comments are B3 is very tender while another generally prefers seasoned meat.

For Pork, we had 1 of everything. I quite like P1 – Samgyeopsal – Sliced Pork Belly. It’s nice both by itself and with either the salt & pepper dip or the soy bean paste.

This is also the 1st meat we grilled so I’m not sure if this verdict is skewed as we were quite stuffed towards the end and most of the seasoned meat tasted almost the same, sweet.

We had both the chicken dishes and we preferred C1 – Maewun Chicken – Marinated Chicken in Hot & Spicy Sauce over C2 – Sunhan Chicken – Marinated Chicken in Seasoned Soy Sauce. By the way, C1 is neither hot nor spicy.

Besides meat we had A3 – Haemul-pajeon – Korean Pancake made with Spring Onion, finely chopped squid & prawn and R1 – Kimchi-jjigae – Spicy Stew made with Ripened Kimchi, Pork and beancurd.

Both dishes were okay, a change from the sweet meats. For A3 – Haemul-pajeon, hands down, Joo Mak @ Beauty World is the best I’ve had so far. Plus Seoul Restaurant doesn’t provide the Hae Mul Pa Jeon dipping sauce

After our experience @ Seoul Restaurant, our conclusion is we most probably won’t revisit as we are small eaters. We most probably aren’t eating our money worth. Plus the meat all tasted the same towards the end, sweet. If we’re just talking about meat, I’ll prefer Ssikkek Korean Grill BBQ Buffet Restaurant.

While we were chatting about our lunch, it dawned on us that we’re missing the washed vegetables, raw garlic (ordered & never arrived) and sliced green chilli typically used to wrap the grilled meat in Korean BBQ Restaurants. This most probably would have made a difference in our dining experience.

I later understand that the vegetables + green chilli can be ordered separately from Seoul Restaurant’s A La Carte Menu aka not included in their Korean BBQ Buffet Menu. And it’s not refillable/free flow.

PS: The friend who jio-ed us went for Seoul Restaurant’s BBQ Buffet Dinner on the following day instead. According to him the side dishes were different. There were Pancakes, Kimchi, Octopus/Cuttlefish Slices (Dried), Seaweed, Salad & Sliced Vegetables in Red sauce. And he says that Beef is still the best.

Seoul Restaurant Korean Charcoal BBQ (View in Google Maps)
No. 1 Cuscaden Road,
The Regent Hotel #03-02
Singapore 249715
GPS: 1.304999,103.824973
Tel: +65 6338 8548

Mon – Fri: 11:30am – 2:30pm (Last Order 2pm)
Sat, Sun & PH: Noon – 3pm (Last Order 2:30pm)

Mon – Sun: 5:30pm – 11pm (Last Order 10pm)
PH: 5:30pm – 10:30pm (Last Order 10pm)



Nene Chicken @ Star Vista

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This is our ultimate comfort food when we’re feeling stressed out. We literally feel lighter after finishing our Nene Chicken FREAKING HOT fried chicken set! We LOVE it! Woohoo!

Nene Chicken is a Korean fast-food chain specialising in fried chicken that opened its first branch in Star Vista (beside Buona Vista MRT).

They have very different flavours like Snowing Cheese, Green Onion, Black Sesame & of course a Korean flavour – Bulgogi.

Well, I’ve tried all the flavours and my favourite is still FREAKING HOT!

Like its name suggest, it’s really freaking hot! It was actually quite torturous as I endeavor to finish the 2 pieces of chicken as I suck in air and resist the urge to sip some of the ice cold drink which will break the momentum of super spicy Korean fried chicken eating.

But still, chilli is just such a love-hate affair isn’t it. Even though it was painful, it was also super shiok at the same time!

If you visit Nene Chicken, you definitely have to get the Freaking Hot Fried Chicken set.

Non-negotiable 😛

Oh, their buffalo sticks (similar to French fries) is good too *thumbs up*

Enjoyz~ *grin*

Sidenote: For folks unfamiliar with Singlish, shiok means fantastic, greatly satisfied 😉

Nene Chicken @ Star Vista (View in Google Maps)
1 Vista Exchange Green
The Star Vista
Singapore 138617
GPS: 1.307166,103.788477





Korean Restaurant JOO MAK @ Beauty World

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Finally I’ve got the chance to snap photos of my favourite Korean Restaurant in Bukit Timah – Joo Mak at Beauty World. This Korean Restaurant was first introduced to me by a Korean Food Kaki and boy was I surprised to find this little jem tucked away in a corner of Beauty World’s Food Centre.

A lot has changed since my first visit to Joo Mak a couple years back. I still remember the warmth I felt when we were served complimentary kimbap made by the Korean server. The complimentary coffee dispensed by the machine which the owners provided a basket of 50cents for us to toss in, hence complementary. The Korean chef who came out to chit chat with us in perfect Mandarin. It was really homely back then.

Nonetheless, the food is still great and it’s a really nice place to hangout with friends to chit chat the night away. Especially since no one comes up to the food centre level of Beauty World at night since all the stalls outside are closed.

Back to Joo Mak’s food.

This time round, I got to eat every dish I like, except Ja Jang Myun as there were only 3 of us. So far all the friends I brought to Joo Mak love their food. And it’s my pleasure to share this with you.

First up is Joo Mak’s Budae Jjigae aka Military Soup aka Army Base Stew. This is a must have at Joo Mak and the best version I’ve had so far amongst the various Korean Restaurants in Singapore. It’s hard to resist requesting for more soup & noodles. *slurp*

This is definitely spicy. As we finished the soup, we could see a substantial amount of small chilli swimming at the bottom.

The other must have item at Joo Mak is its Yangnyeom Tongdak aka Crispy Fried Chicken. It is super crispy, absolutely delicious with a hint of spices and slightly spicy. Just slightly. The best fried chicken I’ve ever had!

My advice is to have it as soon as it’s served so that you can savour the fried chicken at its best. As with all things fried, it’s not as nice when it’s cold.

A basket of half fried chicken has 4 pieces as seen below. Just thinking about it makes me salivates~

The third must have item at Joo Mak is its Hae Mul Pa Jeon aka Korean Seafood Pancake. It’s stuffed with lots of ingredients, held together with minimum flour dough. Mmmmmm~

These are my top 3 must have items at Joo Mak. If you have space for more, you can add on Joo Mak’s Gun Man Du aka Fried Dumpling or Ja Jang Myun aka Black Bean Sauce Noodles.

Looking forward to my next visit to Joo Mak!

주막 Joo Mak 酒幕 (View in Google Maps)
Korean Restaurant Joo Mak
144 Upper Bukit Timah Road #04-01
Beauty World Centre
Singapore 588177

GPS: 1.342398,103.776134

+65 6466 7871
+65 9735 2570

Lunch (Except Monday)
12:00pm – 3:00pm

6:00pm – 11:00pm

Check out the latest Joo Mak’s Menu Here 😀





Ssikkek Korean Grill BBQ Buffet Restaurant

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I’ve been going to eat at soooo many places that I have a lot of catching up to do on my food blogging. Backlog is one thing. The depressing part is my growing waistline!! Even when I reverted to the “normal” eating routine, my waistline didn’t revert… 🙁

Okay okay, enough whining. Time to return to the main topic. Ssikkek Korean Grill BBQ Buffet Restaurant. This is a simple & straightforward blog post. 2 words. Cheap & Good.

Where else can you find a buffet serving you unlimited meat at a price of only $15+ for lunch and $24+ for dinner? Yes, the keyword is “meat”. If you’re a meat eater, this is the buffet to come to. No service charge. Just dig in.

And because it’s Korean BBQ, it provides fresh lettuce, tomatoes & garlic for us to wrap up the meat into a ball to stuff into our mouths. Korean Style with healthy greens. It also has sides like kimchi, pancakes, seaweed soup, etc.

Of course if you’re only into meat, you can just focus on meat alone. So it’s a good & versatile choice for hanging out with your friends and colleagues.

Upon payment, the owner will also offer to deodorize your clothes with some kind of spray saying “Food nice, smell not nice.” Now, that’s service 🙂

Thanks alot to my dear friend for recommending this great restaurant! *blow kisses*

Ssikkek Korean Grill BBQ Buffet Restaurant (View in Google Maps)
231 Bain Street
#02-01 Bras Basah Complex
Singapore 180231
+65 6336 4476

Monday – Sunday (including Public Holidays)

Lunch: 11:30am – 2:30pm
Adult – $15+
Child – $12+

Dinner: 5:30pm – 10pm
Adult – $24+
Child – $15+

No Service Charge