Geylang 搵到食 126 Eating House Dim Sum Menu

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This is for the fans of Geylang 126 Eating House Dim Sum. I finally got a chance to capture their entire menu! All 29 pages! And I’m more than happy to share it with my fellow foodie lovers of Geylang 126 Eating House 🙂

Now I’ll finally have a chance to leisurely browse through their extensive dim sum cum tze char menu. Yeah!

I realized that whenever I visit 126 Eating House, I always end up ordering the same few dishes cause I love them since the 1st time I tried them. I never really got a chance to “try everything”.

Maybe it’s also because I don’t really have the chance to slowly browse through their 29 pages of menu?

Hmmm…let’s see, what should I try the next time I visit Geylang 126 Eating House?

搵到食 126 Eating House (View in Google Maps)
No. 126 Sims Ave (Towards Bedok)
Between Geylang Lor 15 & Geylang Lor 17
Singapore 387449
Tel: +65 6746 4757, +65 6745 4869

24 hours (Close on Alternate Tuesday)





搵到食 126 Eating House Dim Sum

Category : Dim Sum, Supper

I was first introduced to 搵到食 126 Eating House for Dim Sum in Geylang by my “boss” since my university days and I loved it! The dim sum is cheap & good with a huge variety to choose from. They have even expanded to include 煮炒 Tze Cha dishes since the 1st time I ate there.

搵到食 126 Eating House is also opened 24 hours everyday (closed on alternate Tuesdays) which makes it a great supper option.

The downside is that the environment is very rowdy. 1st of all, it’s in Geylang where parking can be a challenge and well, Geylang is the red light district of Singapore. Within搵到食 126 Eating House, the tables are set to be close to each other to maximize space and it’s not conducive to linger for long to chit chat. No reservations too.

So if you’re ok with the above, 搵到食 126 Eating House is a great place to come for great food at affordable prices. Friends & family whom I’ve brought to 搵到食 126 Eating House gave it the thumbs up. With many returning for more.

The advantage of eating here with different groups of people is they’ll tend to order differently. On my latest trip here, I got to try out some dishes which I’ll never order. And I was blown away!

Our meal started with a 煮炒 Tze Cha dish – 海鲜伊面 Seafood Ee Mian. Oh my god, don’t let its looks deceive you. It’s delicious!

Next was the 咖哩鸡粉肠 Curry Chicken Chee Cheong Fun (Rice Roll) which I was very skeptical of. I don’t usually order curry dishes outside as none can compare with my grandmother’s curry. This dish really makes my day. The curry was AWESOME!! It’s really thick and comes really close to my grandmother’s curry. It’s a MUST TRY if you’re a curry person.

The 蒸芋头糕 – Steam Yam Cake was really soft & tender with a good flavor and my relative keeps saying it’s really good 🙂

The 生鱼片粥 – Sliced Fish Porridge & 葱油饼 – Fried Spring Onion Cake also received the thumbs up. The 葱油饼 – Fried Spring Onion Cake may looks over fried however it doesn’t has the oil taste.

Besides the food, their drinks are also very good. 酸甘水 – Lime Juice is very flavourful/thick and got the nods of approval. My 菊花茶 – Chrysanthemum Tea is very refreshing too with the hint of Chrysanthemum & not overly sweet.

Oh yes, if you are a chilli person, please note that 搵到食 126 Eating House Dim Sum’s chilli cannot make it and they only have that one kind of chilli (yes, I asked for alternatives). So if you cannot do without chilli, my advice will be to bring your own chilli. Other than that, everything else was great! Yum Yum *slurp*

Note: Queuing/Waiting for seats is a norm rather than an exception especially during meal times.

搵到食 126 Eating House (View in Google Maps)
No. 126 Sims Ave (Towards Bedok)
Between Geylang Lor 15 & Geylang Lor 17
Singapore 387449
Tel: +65 6746 4757, +65 6745 4869

24 hours (Close on Alternate Tuesday)

Swee Choon Tim-Sum Restaurant at Jalan Besar

Category : Dim Sum, Supper

Swee Choon Tim-Sum Restaurant

I literally eat faster than I can blog haha! If only there’s a technology that can translate our thoughts into words instantly, that’ll be great!

Any inventors out there? Help? Heehee 🙂

Swee Choon Tim-Sum. This is a great supper place which we discovered by chance. It’s open late in the night and has great dim sum. Yum!

So I have no objections going there for my birthday dinner 😉

It’s crowded as usual with lots of people queuing for seats in the air conditioned area. Since the evening is pretty cooling, we decided to go alfresco and settled quickly in an available table.

Swee Choon Tim-Sum has expanded since the last time we came, taking over its neighboring shops and the back alley. Yet there’s still a long queue for seats! The popularity attests for its charm amongst Singaporean foodies.

Dim Sum is always more fun with more people because we can order a wider variety. However since there’s only the 2 of us we’ll just go with our familiar dim sum favourites.

Firstly, the Egg Tarts. We didn’t really like the egg tarts. It’s a bit bland to me and the crust is not flaky enough for a Portuguese style egg tart. Personally I prefer the ones from Tak Po. Speaking of which, I haven’t gone to Tak Po for quite a while. Ever since their standard dipped when I last dabao from them.

Portuguese Egg Tart

Next, Deep Fried Beancurd Prawn Roll. Nice! Crispy. Generous portion of prawns. Dipped in mayonnaise. I’m in heaven.

Deep Fried Beancurd Prawn Roll

Red Bean Paste Pancake is good too. The red bean paste is tasty and not too sweet. My only complain is that the skin is slightly thicker at the folds. It’ll be good if the folds are not overly overlapped so that I don’t get too much of the skin and more of the red bean paste.

Red Bean Paste Pancake

I’ve also always ordered Fried Prawn Dumpling when having dim sum. I’m not wow-ed by Swee Choon’s version. Dislike. I won’t order it again here. The skin is overly fried and I didn’t get the prawn taste.

Fried Prawn Dumpling

Har Kow is good. The skin is not too thick and the portion of prawns is generous as well.

Har Kow

Fried Hor Fun with Shrimps in Creamy Egg Sauce is average. It’s not bad, just not outstanding. I prefer the one from Kim’s Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee at Jalan Eunos.

Fried Hor Fun with Shrimps in Creamy Egg Sauce

Last but not least, Swee Choon Tim-Sum’s signature dish – Swee Choon Mee-Suah Kueh. This is one dim sum you cannot find anywhere else. It’s creative and has an interesting texture & taste. Friends who’ve tried it also rave about it. It’s a must eat when you dine at Swee Choon Tim-Sum.

Swee Choon Mee-Suah Kueh

That’s the end of my birthday dinner report. Hope this helps to provide some insight on a potentially great midnight dim sum place.

Do note that parking may be a challenge as many car park lots were removed due to construction.


Swee Choon Tim-Sum Restaurant (View in Google Maps)
183/ 185/ 187/ 189/ 191 Jalan Besar
Singapore 208882
+65 6225 7788

Operating Hours
Monday to Sunday – 6pm to 6am
Close on Tuesday

Payment mode: Cash and NETS Only