Amara Singapore Hotel Wedding Banquet Dinner

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I had an awesome time at one of my closest friends’ wedding at Amara Singapore @ Tanjong Pagar.

Yes, I very buay paiseh (thick skinned) self-declare close to everyone in my class 😛

And I truly hold them close to my heart, having known them for almost 2 decades!

I’m very blessed to have been classmates & friends with such awesome people! Not forgetting their significant others too 😉

Before I begin, I absolutely have to say, congratulations once again to our newly wedded couple 😀

And now…the food ^_^

Well I must say, the food @ Amara Hotel’s Wedding Banquet Dinner is pretty good.

First up is Amara Five Treasure Platter (Lobster with Melon, Roasted Pork, Seafood Beancurd Roll, Braised Sichuan Chicken, Crispy Whitebait).

This is my favourite dish of the night. Every item is nice and there were raves going around for the Braised Sichuan Chicken.

Amara Singapore Hotel Wedding Banquet Dinner 05

Next is Double Boiled Cordyceps, Hashima & Chicken Soup. This is one of the thickest, if not the thickest, chicken soup I’ve ever had.

The intense taste of the Chinese Herbs hit home right from the 1st spoon. This is a great dish for folks who love herbal soup.

Amara Singapore Hotel Wedding Banquet Dinner 07

Amara Singapore Hotel Wedding Banquet Dinner 08

Our fish of the night is Steamed Soon Hock in Teochew Style. The flavor is just nice and the fish is fresh and tender.

Amara Singapore Hotel Wedding Banquet Dinner 09

Next up is Stir Fried Scallops & Prawns with Golden Basket. The prawn is bouncy though the scallop is a little too chewy for my liking.

Amara Singapore Hotel Wedding Banquet Dinner 10

And this is something I didn’t expect. Steamed Duck with Eight Treasures.

From the onset, I thought that the duck meat will be very tough. Instead it was very tender & juicy. Thumbs up.

There was a comment that the duck from Dian Xiao Er is better though 🙂

Amara Singapore Hotel Wedding Banquet Dinner 11

And for our greens, Braised Baby Abalone with Bai Ling Mushroom & Spinach.

The Baby Abalone was done just nice, not overly chewy. A good choice with the Bai Ling Mushroom, instead of the usual oyster mushroom. Nice texture.

Amara Singapore Hotel Wedding Banquet Dinner 12

Next on the menu, Seafood Rice wrapped in Lotus Leaves.

Amara Singapore Hotel Wedding Banquet Dinner 13

And to wrap things up, it’s a 1st for me having Bird’s Nest with Aloe Vera for dessert. This is served warm and very unlike the usual bird’s nest with rock sugar.

Amara Singapore Hotel Wedding Banquet Dinner 14

Everything was distributed and served individually, other than the 1st dish. The server even kindly asked if I would like to take a picture beforehand. Great service!

Lovely couple, awesome company, good food & great service makes this an amazing evening 🙂

Amara Singapore (View in Google Maps)
165 Tanjong Pagar Road
Singapore 088539
GPS: 1.274961,103.8413863
Tel: +65 6879 2598
Fax: +65 6223 1293



Nicholas & Claudia Wedding at Hilton Orchard

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Nicholas. An ex-colleague and a good friend.

We’ve known each other for 8 years and counting.

A very private person. And I emphasize VERY PRIVATE 🙂

Never got a chance to see who his significant other is, until today. His wedding day.

Here are some photos from the evening and a simple video stitching together the brief moments I managed to catch on camera.

Too bad I didn’t capture the morning highlights. The sporting brothers doing the lift segment of the gangnam style really leaves an impression *thumbs up*


My First Malaysia Wedding at Cathay Restaurant

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A wedding in Malaysia style. I’ve previously heard my Malaysian friend illustrate how chaotic a Malaysia style wedding can be. It’ll be free seating with ushers shouting across the wedding venue, looking to fill up empty seats.

He emphasised that it’s very important to have good ushers to contain the situation *gulp*

And if we arrived even slightly later, we may not even be able to sit together. Tables can be added liberally, extending beyond the banquet hall into the carpark. We’ll be hot, sweaty & sticky when the time comes.

Karaoke is also common during the wedding where the guests will sing their heart away.

So, I was mentally prepared for a very interesting experience as I set off to cross the woodlands causeway into Johor Bahru for my very 1st Malaysia wedding.

RotiBoy in Malaysia

Lo and behold, the 1st shop I see is…RotiBoy! Oh…how I miss RotiBoy. I still remember the long queues, the irresistible aroma, the crusty top & the buttery inside. Yum!

Are you thinking how many did I eat? My answer is none *sob*

So the story is, I approached RotiBoy’s storefront enthusiastically, salivating as the memories flood my mouth 😛 And then there was the queue. Disappointed. No RotiBoy buns being sold yet. Bummer.

Between queuing for the glorious RotiBoy bun and the risk of reaching the wedding venue late, I chose the latter 🙁 My RotiBoy bun…Ok, that’s my sad RotiBoy story. The next immediate issue at hand is the taxi to the wedding restaurant.

Taxi Journey in Johor Bahru

We are fearful as we’ve heard numerous Johor Bahru horror stories. Worse still, we walked around City Square looking for a decent taxi-stand and didn’t see any. We saw a few taxi drivers hanging out at one of the exits and were apprehensive.

Finally we saw a taxi pull up with alighting passengers and decided to go for it. I want to sit together! Haha…I sacrificed my RotiBoy bun for it! Ok, just being drama 😛

At long last, we arrived at the wedding venue. Safe & sound. On time.

About the Wedding Banquet

After confirming that we’re at the right place, we approached the reception table. Hmmm…no ang pow box. So we asked whether to give the red packet now or later. The lady said it’s the same and we handed over the red packet which was promptly slotted into her bag.

We were like oh-uh. What just happened? Panic button pushed! Thoughts run wild! We later verified with the groom who said it’s okay *phew*

And that’s my ang pow horror story haha…

Back to the Malaysia style wedding. It was totally different from what we were expecting. There were no rowdy situations and there’s seating arrangement (which impressed my Malaysian friend).

We were all seated within the air-conditioned restaurant. No tables were added. And there’s no karaoke (we can hear the karaoke next door though).

Essentially, it’s very much like a Singapore style wedding except that we have to bring our passports along.

Wedding Banquet Dishes

As with the all-familiar praises for Malaysian food, the wedding banquet is superb at half the price. That is if you look at it from the Singaporean perspective. It could be very expensive for a local.

I was especially impressed with the 2nd dish – Double Boiled Dried Seafood with Whole Chicken in Superior Soup. I heard it’s similar to Buddha Jump over the Wall?

It was filled to the brim with ingredients like abalone, fish maw, mushroom and chicken and the soup was extremely flavourful. It’s an absolute delight.

The Sliced Pork Served with Steam Buns was very well received too. It was served instead of the usual rice and noodles. The pork is very tender. The sauce is not too salty. And the fats didn’t leave us with the disgusted feeling. It was just nice.

Well, I can’t deny that I did saw the layer of oil floating above the sauce…

What’s Interesting

1. Red wine was served out of a beer jug instead of the usual wine bottle.
2. Beer is served by a dedicated lady wearing a uniform different from Cathay Restaurant’s staff.
3. Cathay Restaurant used PSY’s Gangnam Style as the theme song for their first dish march in. We knew that the wedding next door started because we heard Gangnam Style playing again 😛

Thank You 🙂

All in all, it was a very good wedding banquet. The food is good and the company is great. We’re blessed to have been invited by Terence & Chloe to their wedding in Malaysia. Thank you.

I guess the only downside was the travelling. Luckily there wasn’t any traffic jam at the Woodlands Causeway. Otherwise we won’t be able to reach home before midnight 😉


Here’s more information on the restaurant if you’re interested to hold a Malaysia wedding or go there for makan 🙂

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