Happy Lunar New Year 2014!

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May the year of the wooden horse brings you greater fortune, perfect health & more happiness.

Huat Ah!! 🙂

2 Black Cats

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Came across 2 black cats after having coffee at 93 degrees C along 16 Morse Road today.

Is it just me or do they have the evil glare that says “You better not mess with me or I’ll pounce on you and claw you till you beg for mercy!” Haha~



Crocs Sandals for the Beach

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Crocs have landed in Singapore many many years ago. However due to the steep price and the bad press of Crocs getting caught in escalators, I have never given Crocs much thought.

Recently, having attended a beach wedding and a company beach event with my trusty threaded Hush Puppies Sandal, I’m starting to have 2nd thoughts. Why? It’s the washing afterwards.

If you check out the Hush Puppies Sandal above, its material is water absorbent. So not only does it takes longer to dry, it seems to trap quite a bit of fine sand that’s not easy to shake off. Aka definitely need to wash after a visit to the beach.

And when I saw my colleague wearing a nice looking Crocs Sandal, I was tempted. I never knew that Crocs can look so nice! This was what she wore:

I still love my Hush Puppies Sandal as they’re very comfortable and durable. However I don’t think they are beach-friendly. More specifically, sand-friendly.

I still remember my very 1st friend who converted to Crocs once said to me “Crocs is very comfortable and easy to wash. They dry very quickly. Even Surgeons wear Crocs into the operating theater as Crocs are very easy to clean.” Disclaimer: I’m not sure if the last statement is true.

So I started to explore what other Crocs Sandals are available and these really caught my eye 🙂

If I get the subtle colours, maybe I can wear these Crocs Sandals to work as well?

They even have boots! Which is out of scope for me in this case 😛

And to think that I always thought Crocs look like this:


AliExpress by Alibaba.com



Happy Chinese New Year 2013

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Happy Chinese New Year!!

May the year of the water snake brings joy, abundance, good fortune, wealth & health to you & your loved ones!!

The year of the snake is also made special with the delivery of my friend’s 1st born on the 1st day of Chinese New Year!! Congrats again!! 🙂

Merry Christmas 2012

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Merry Christmas to one & all! May you & your loved ones be filled with joy and blessed with great health to scale greater heights ahead.


Reading Books on Kindle Paperwhite

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I still remember the time, not so long ago, when I used to like reading. I was a huge fan of the bookworm club when I was in primary school. Always very excited when they come to conduct roadshows at my school. Sadly they are no longer in existence though. I guess their style is no longer appealing to the newer generation?

Next in line will be detective series like Famous Five, Secret Seven, Nancy Drew and my all-time favourite Roald Dahl to the more sinister Sidney Sheldon.

The main reason why I got to know about Sidney Sheldon and starting reading his titles was because I wanted to improve my English. Sidney Sheldon was recommended by a fellow sailor who warned me beforehand that his novels are a little rated. Sidney Sheldon’s books are really well-written and intriguing, just rated. It’s just his style I guess.

And when I entered Junior College, the direction of English changed. It was all about General Paper. So I switched from the above to Time magazine, Newsweek, Reader Digest and National Geographic. Yes, the heavier stuff.

When it came to University and work, reading is further limited to only technical books and Google. Self-improvement books…well, I did buy some…when it comes to reading them…*sheepish grin*

Don’t get me wrong. I still love reading. To me, books hold infinite wisdom. A biography provides us with the wisdom the author gathered over a lifetime. Saves us from making the same mistakes. Self-improvement books increases our awareness and provides us with different perspectives.

It’s just the storage, throwing away of old books to make way for new ones, dust, oxidation, etc.

So, when I saw my classmate holding the Kindle Paperwhite, my interest was aroused. Especially when he’s the irrefutable expert in technology and gadgets amongst us. Any recommendation from him will most probably be the best choice. In essence, he’s our go-to guy.

My impression? The Kindle Paperwhite display really looks like a page off a book. It’s super light & thin, making it very easy & convenient to carry around. Plus it fits nicely into the palm of our hands. And most importantly, it’s the recommended device for reading by the expert.

If you are still very much into reading and are looking to transform your experience into the digital new age, why not consider getting the Kindle Paperwhite? Check out the details & reviews below as well for a more informed decision 🙂 Don’t just take my word for it.


What’s your purpose in life?

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Have you ever questioned what your purpose in life is and whether you’re living life the way the universe had intended you to do so?

I’m not referring to you living out a planned path like a puppet but more of are you fulfilling your potential? Are you already living life to the max? Are you enjoying what you’re doing? Are you living your passion?

I’ve been asking myself these questions more and more often recently. Do I enjoy doing what I am doing because I am good at it or I really enjoy doing what I’m doing? Am I just functioning within my comfort zone or am I living my passion?

Well, I have big dreams. I have ambition. I am not contented being mediocre. I believe I can achieve and contribute so much more than what I am delivering now.

How many of you feel the same too? Trapped within your current circumstances, restricted by unseen boundaries? But, what’s really restricting us? Is it really the times, or is it us, ourselves? How do we know for sure? Anyone?

I have been attending many courses lately, more specifically, since Oct last year. One of the things I keep hearing is “The bigger the WHY, the easier the HOW”. But the thing is, how do I find the ultimate why?

Just like almost everyone out there, I want to earn more money. I want financial freedom. I want to work because I choose to and not because I have to. But why do I want these? Being filthy rich is just the result. I’ve been told that it’s not a why. The question to ask is WHY do I want more money? What is my WHY?

I’ve been searching high and low for my WHY. Something that’ll spur me to do whatever it takes to make things happen. The trigger that’ll set me in the right direction. Which is also one of the reasons why I invested in the courses. I can’t say that I’ve found nirvana yet but at the very least, I’ve taken action to seek it out.

One of the advices I’ve received is to break things down. Keep drilling down to details and fundamentals e.g. why do you want to make so much money? Is it for yourself, your family, for society? With the money, what do you want to do? What next after achieving financial freedom? Etc.

Easier said than done right? Especially when we’ve been so well-trained to suppress our desires and feelings. As the Chinese saying goes, 知足常乐 which means one will achieve happiness by being contented. This is just one of the values many Asians grow up with.

The list goes on but what matters most is are you happy? I know I can be happier so hopefully I’ll strike gold very soon. The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, after the rain.

What about you? Have you found your WHY already?

Congratulations if you have.

If you have not, good luck and I hope that you’re on your way to discovering the pot of gold too.


Google Day

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Today’s the day I flipped the switch to say “Hello World” to the worldwide web by clicking on the radio button which reads “I would like my site to be visible to everyone, including search engines (like Google, Bing, Technorati) and archivers”.

Today’s the day when I searched for sohcheng.com and saw an inconspicuous link displayed at the top of the search results with the signature “Did you mean: <something else>” suggestion by Google. Not to mention, my blog is not listed anywhere when I search for my name – sohcheng. Who am I kidding right 😉

And there’s of course no preview available yet since sohcheng.com is just a new born in the eyes of Google who’s still in the decision making process of understanding sohcheng.com, deciding “good sohcheng” or “bad sohcheng”. Come to think of it, Google is very much like Santa Claus during this festive season – “good list” or “naughty list”.

Somehow, throughout the day, 5th Dec gave me a feeling of bearing some sort of significance. I can’t really explain it but there’s this nagging feeling which seems to be telling me something. The only thing I link to 5th Dec is that it used to be the birthday of a very close friend. Other than that…what could it be?

Oh well, I’ll get it sooner or later. Apologies, noticed that I’ve digressed quite a bit from my original topic. *Clears throat* Anyway, to commemorate sohcheng.com’s Google Day, I’ve decided to create a blog post regardless of what’s waiting for me *glances over my shoulder* and here’s the screenshot of Google’s first acknowledgement of the existence of sohcheng.com. Cheers!

PS: Bing haven’t found sohcheng.com yet and Technorati only gave me a blank white page, so Google wins hands down.


When I Strike Lottery

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I’ve been asked this question a couple of times and I usually just respond with a generic answer (whichever that pops into my mind first) like celebrate, buy a property, and invest in dividend stocks or almost any random answer (which I think can satisfy the enquirer) without giving it any serious thought when I was buying the big sweep.

For you folks out there who are into lottery like 4D, Toto & Big Sweep, have you ever thought about what will you do with the windfall or will you just go with the flow and think about it when it happens?

Well, I’ve always heard that money easy come, easy go so I thought I’ll just make some plans so that when I receive the windfall it’ll stick with me 🙂 First & foremost I set out to determine whether the prize money is taxable i.e. do we receive the full amount or will a certain percentage be deducted for taxation. Since I couldn’t find anything from the Singapore Pools website I’ll have to turn to IRAS instead. The good news is winnings are not taxable, yeah! For details please refer to the IRAS site.

Now that I know how much to work with I began splitting and categorizing the money as below:

 Amount  Usage
 110k  Charity
 220k  Celebrate
 220k  Investment Property Down Payment
 220k  Residential Property Down Payment
 220k  Self-Development
 1,210k  Installments, Renovation, Essentials, etc.

It may not be perfect yet as some categories seem skewed however this is my first draft and what I’ll work with when I receive my windfall, prepared. Wish me luck 😉

What is the key to success?

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As inferred from the title, what is the/your key and definition to success and have you attained your desired level of success? Taking a step back, have you given this question any thought, drawn out any plans or defined/taken any steps towards achieving success? What is success to you?

I’ve recently started to broaden my horizons by reading. Not that I don’t do any reading previously, it’s just that I usually read up on technical/technology know-how, daily news, facebook updates (yes, that too), etc. Nothing related to personal well-being or personal development in particular. As I go about this new routine of mine, I came across a statement which struck a chord with me today – “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success”.

“Success is not the key to happiness.” Ironic isn’t it. Doesn’t happiness come with success? Don’t we sometimes imagine/picture the moment when we’re at the peak of our career which is usually filled with rosy feelings of happiness and pride? Somehow I’m unable to reconcile with this statement as I’ve always felt that success does contribute to happiness. Perhaps I’m not at the ultimate level of enlightenment (上乘武功) yet so I may still need some 磨练 or 钻研 to fully grasp this concept so…we’ll see.

It’ll be hard to imagine not being happy if I get straight As in my studies, gain entrance to prestigious schools, earn millions in my career, etc.