Joe Hisaishi Studio Ghibli Anime Budokan Concert

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I’ve always loved Studio Ghibli animation films and I happened to chance upon this concert video where many signature musical pieces are conducted by the legendary Joe Hisaishi himself.

Impressive and touching!

I especially love the musical pieces from Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, Laputa: Castle in the Sky & Spirited Away.

They’re very moving.

Familiar tunes from Hayao Miyazaki’s films like Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, Laputa: Castle in the Sky, My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki’s Delivery Service, Porco Rosso, Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle & Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea really brings back memories & emotions.

I myself have bought a few Studio Ghibli animation films DVD (yes, the days when DVD was the best) individually before I bought their compilation. Can’t say I love all their films but definitely most of them 🙂

What I can say, Grave of the Fireflies is just too sad for me…

My favourite Studio Ghibli animation films are Spirited Away & Howl’s Moving Castle 🙂 I first watched Howl’s Moving Castle in the cinema before grabbing a copy of the DVD when it’s released. That was how I got first acquainted with Studio Ghibli 😛

If you’ll also like to own a piece of Studio Ghibli + Joe Hisaishi music magic on Blu-ray, you can grab a copy here:

PS: You must check out the moment at the 1hr 41min mark of the youtube video!




I Am Legend (Will Smith) Alternate Ending

Category : English Movies

It’s interesting, the things we can find on the Internet. While browsing for the official trailer of the movie I Am Legend directed by Francis Lawrence, starring Will Smith, I chanced upon an alternate ending in YouTube. I shared it with my hubby and asked “Which ending do you prefer?”

He said that the alternate ending is a 大团圆 big reunion happy ending where both the human & infected species get to survive and co-exist. While the original ending is more “explosive” 🙂

What do you think?

This is by WarnerBrosOnline which included some “Making of” I Am Legend scenes:

And this was another video I found with the “full alternate ending”:

I Am Legend starring Will Smith

Category : English Movies

Since I started my first movie review by talking about Hancock starring Will Smith, I thought that I might as well continue writing about Will Smith’s movies.

Will Smith has starred in several movies which I enjoy like Hancock, I Am Legend, I Robot, Enemy of the State, The Pursuit Of Happyness, Wild Wild West & of course Men In Black.

Let me talk about I Am Legend in this blog post 1st. I Am Legend is an apocalyptic science fiction movie directed by Francis Lawrence depicting Will Smith as the last survivor until Alice Braga & Charlie Tahan appeared to rescue him towards the later part of the movie.

Will Smith plays a military scientist – Robert Neville who decided to stay in ground zero in order to find a cure for the miracle-cancer-cure turned zombie-creating virus. His wife & daughter died in a helicopter crash while fleeing, leaving him with his family dog – Sam for companionship.

The movie started by showing Will Smith going about his daily routine of gathering resources and chit chatting with mannequins & the train of events leading to the apocalypse. His daily routine also includes going to a grounded naval ship for golf & to wait for survivors.

All these were disrupted when he laid a trap to capture an infected female for his experiments which seems to infuriate the alpha male who modeled Will Smith in laying a trap for him. Sam was sacrificed in the battle process and Will Smith went on a mindless suicide revenge mission thereafter, abandoning all hope and ideals to find a cure for mankind.

On that fateful night, he was rescued by 2 survivors who brought him back to his hideout and inadvertently lead the infected species to launch an attack the following night.

How does it end? Why not watch the movie and find out yourself 🙂

Personally I like how the movie intertwines the present and the past, slowly revealing pieces of the puzzle. It’s a zombie movie with a twist. Plus the struggle, dilemma, desperation & hope depicted in the movie. And of course the outstanding performance from Will Smith and his loyal dog.

Hancock starring Will Smith

Category : English Movies

While noting down the operating hours of Wild Honey from their website, I noticed that their PR contact’s last name is Hancock which reminded me of the “superhero movie” Hancock directed by Peter Berg, starring Will Smith, Jason Bateman, Charlize Theron & Eddie Marsan.

Hancock (starred by Will Smith) is the “superhero” of the movie. Why the inverted commas? It’s because even though Hancock “helps” in crime-fighting, he’s a wasted alcoholic who always manages to destroy something in the process of rendering “help”. He does things his way (attitude) with almost no regard to the authorities. Unwelcomed, he’s often boo-ed at the “crime scene”.

Along comes the PR guy Ray Embrey (starred by Jason Bateman) who offers to “repackage” Hancock as a form of gratitude to Hancock for saving his life. Of course things are rough in the beginning and eventually the city welcomed Hancock as their hero.

The key is when Hancock was acquainted with Ray Embrey’s wife Mary (starred by Charlize Theron) who seems to have a hidden past…related to Hancock. Another superhero in hiding or is it much more than that?

This movie has many action sequences and several unexpected plot twists & turns. Of course there will be clichés however I thoroughly enjoyed the movie Hancock as it’s a very different superhero movie that’s more than just one action sequence after another. It’s a movie I’ll gladly re-watch on a lazy afternoon.

My Lovely Sam Soon

Category : Korean Drama

Recently I was chatting with my dear friend when I commented that my blog doesn’t attract much traffic and she suggested that perhaps I can try blogging about KPop Groups or concerts. I was thinking “I have no knowledge about these.” when she added “What about Kim Sam Soon & the OST your hubby bought for you? And Hyun Bin too.”

“Oh yar hor…Why not?”

I have to admit that when it comes to KPop, Korean stars, Korean Drama & Korean Variety, my knowledge is very limited. My friend is definitely the guru and I learn a lot from her. Still, no harm sharing what I know and like so far. Who knows, someone may find it helpful 🙂

Let me start with the Korean Drama My Lovely Sam Soon. I absolutely LOVE this Korean Drama. It’s hilarious, touching, romantic, tear-jerking and conflicting all at the same time. It’s also short & sweet and filled with lots of delicious looking cakes & pastries!

My Lovely Sam Soon’s story line revolves around a slightly overweight patissier Kim Sam Soon (starred by Kim Sun-ah) who 1st bump into the self-centered Hyun Jin-heon (starred by Hyun Bin) in the gents when she was crying her heart out after being dumped on Christmas Eve.

Things started to get more interesting when Kim Sam Soon landed a job in Hyun Jin-heon’s restaurant after squashing a cake in his face. From then on, their fates started to entangle and our hearts start to be tugged & perplexed when they “started” a complicated relationship where money, families, ex-significant others come into play…

I shall not divulge too much of the storyline in case I spoil your experience. All I have to say is that this is a must watch Korean Drama!! I love it so much so that I went out to buy the DVD after catching it on television and my hubby also bought me the My Lovely Sam Soon OST 🙂



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