My Lovely Sam Soon

Category : Korean Drama

Recently I was chatting with my dear friend when I commented that my blog doesn’t attract much traffic and she suggested that perhaps I can try blogging about KPop Groups or concerts. I was thinking “I have no knowledge about these.” when she added “What about Kim Sam Soon & the OST your hubby bought for you? And Hyun Bin too.”

“Oh yar hor…Why not?”

I have to admit that when it comes to KPop, Korean stars, Korean Drama & Korean Variety, my knowledge is very limited. My friend is definitely the guru and I learn a lot from her. Still, no harm sharing what I know and like so far. Who knows, someone may find it helpful 🙂

Let me start with the Korean Drama My Lovely Sam Soon. I absolutely LOVE this Korean Drama. It’s hilarious, touching, romantic, tear-jerking and conflicting all at the same time. It’s also short & sweet and filled with lots of delicious looking cakes & pastries!

My Lovely Sam Soon’s story line revolves around a slightly overweight patissier Kim Sam Soon (starred by Kim Sun-ah) who 1st bump into the self-centered Hyun Jin-heon (starred by Hyun Bin) in the gents when she was crying her heart out after being dumped on Christmas Eve.

Things started to get more interesting when Kim Sam Soon landed a job in Hyun Jin-heon’s restaurant after squashing a cake in his face. From then on, their fates started to entangle and our hearts start to be tugged & perplexed when they “started” a complicated relationship where money, families, ex-significant others come into play…

I shall not divulge too much of the storyline in case I spoil your experience. All I have to say is that this is a must watch Korean Drama!! I love it so much so that I went out to buy the DVD after catching it on television and my hubby also bought me the My Lovely Sam Soon OST 🙂



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