I am a Singer 3 (我是歌手3) Moving Performances

Category : Songs

I watched this singing competition where established professional singers pit themselves against one another only because Kit Chan (陈洁仪) participated.

I must say that I am a Singer Season 3 (我是歌手第三季) has very good vocalists. Some who moved me deeply with their songs.

I absolutely adore Kit Chan. She really touched me with her songs. The emotions and connection she made is omg~

Here’s Kit Chan singing心动 in the 1st episode, originally performed by Shino Lin (林晓培). Kit Chan won praises from 韩红 with this. Our pride 🙂

And Kit Chan’s exit performance singing 心如刀割 in the 2nd episode, originally performed by Jacky Cheung (张学友)

I’m also deeply impressed by 韩红 who is able to deliver such an emotional performance, singing 天亮了, despite being sick. She won over her fellow singers who voted her Number 1 in their internal appraisal. Well deserved. *thumbs up*

And韩红’s 2nd performance singing梨花又开放 while strumming on the guitar. 梨花又开放 is adapted from 谭咏麟’s 迟来的春天.

Another singer who got to me is古巨基 singing 父亲 in the 2nd episode, originally performed by 筷子兄弟 (肖央、王太利).

古巨基’s performance in the 1st episode, singing 爱与诚, is also good. 2nd episode better 😉

Hope you enjoy these as much as I do.