Volvo Trucks & Jean-Claude Van Damme – The Epic Reverse Split

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If you haven’t seen this yet, hold your jaws! For they will drop all the way to the ground! Talk about creative advertising.

Is this even humanly possible?

Jean-Claude Van Damme doing the split? Sure.

Two Volvo Trucks moving in unison. Maybe.

Jean-Claude Van Damme doing the split on two moving Volvo Trucks moving in reverse in perfect harmony? Really?

Check out the video below!






Hug Me For a Free Coke

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I’m always easily fascinated by creative marketing. I’ll go like “Wow, that’s really innovative! How did they come up with such an awesome idea?”

Recently I came across yet another interesting marketing campaign that made me go “Wu…I’ll love to give that a go!”

Why not right, hug the machine for a free coke & get a good laugh in the process. Win-Win!! 😀

Oh my god, check this out. There’s a Coke themed Monopoly Game!! That’s so cool ^_^


Goosebumps by Video

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Have you ever watched a video that seemed extremely ordinary at first and yet as it unfolds it totally blows your mind away?

Personally I am not a die-hard fan of YouTube. More accurately put, I don’t really do YouTube searches or actively surf YouTube for viral videos or the next big runaway success.

In fact I only got to know about PSY’s Gangnam Style after like the whole world did haha…

So what happens is, whenever I receive YouTube links, especially during office hours, I will usually put it aside first. And being me, I will eventually and most definitely forget about ever receiving the links and not get around to viewing the videos at all. Note to self: This is a habit I need to change.

Fast forward to the present…

Recently I was forwarded yet another YouTube link. For some unknown reason I clicked on it within minutes and I was captivated.

It could be the meaning I gave to the video or it could be that it’s just simply fantastic. I could feel my emotions run high and the hair stand on my hands, literally.

The story I built around the video is:
A small & seemingly insignificant action of placing a coin in the hat triggered an avalanche of unexpected chain of events and resulted in a magnificent display of greatness which definitely took a great deal of effort to coordinate and yet it seems effortless because of the awesome teamwork and desire to wow & succeed.

What this translates to me is that regardless how small the action may seem in the beginning, we’ll never know what it’ll lead to eventually. The key is to keep taking actions and progressing towards our goal. Who knows, the next action could just be the one 🙂

If you like the music, you can get it from:


Microsoft Windows 8 Advertisement

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Nowadays I see this advertisement at almost every commercial break. The song is interesting & it really catches my attention everytime it airs.

So, what do you think about this latest Windows Operating System? Will you be upgrading to Windows 8?


And if you like the music, you can get it at:


Cool video. Will it beat Apple?

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Google+ and My Saturday Morning

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Today was a Saturday which I had planned to work while he’s out viewing real estate properties with his clients, thinking that I finally have a chance to do what I had planned to do during the work week. As I finished up my lunch (yummy ibumie instant mee goreng) and washed the dishes, I returned to my laptop to catch up on the happenings in my personal emails & social media space before diving into work.

Nothing new on Gmail after the last reply on Rochelle@Newton which reminded me, I need to initiate an email on Chinese New Year gathering – check. Next up was Facebook. Some comments & replies with additional stories & findings like a new Korean BBQ place – Ssikkek Korean BBQ which I could try with my kakis next time, nice!

Finally Google+. No new stories. Not unusual since Google+ is still suffering from the quote “My friends are not here” syndrome. But Google+ does have the “What’s hot on Google+” section which I love to view. Amongst the 8 stories this morning, I found 2 which really struck me.

First was the video featuring a rap about java coding produced by Oracle Digital Media Production which was really fun to watch. It brought a smile plus a laughter or two as it kick start my day as a developer clocking overtime to meet my deadlines and deliverables. I can totally relate to the lyrics even though I am not a Java developer. Recommended for all fellow nerds out there!

Second was a TEDx video about Daria Musk who leveraged on Google+ Hangout to perform to a global audience, against the original intention & functionality of the Hangout feature…and the advice of the director of the Hangout Engineering Team. Users, right. However this thought, or should I say creativity, evolved the Google+ Hangout feature – “Hangouts On Air” and started a clock work of activities which facilitated the realization of a dream.

From her first hangout concert to a limited 10 people audience group to streaming live to an unlimited global audience and finally pulling in YouTube Live. All I can say is, developers can innovate, design and come up with tonnes of new ideas, applications & systems. But good users can potentially push & help us move up to the next level. As long as both parties keep an open mind and strive towards a better goal.

I can feel my Saturday transforming as I pen down my thoughts to capture this moment as a constant reminder of the synergy between technology practitioners & technology users. Cheers!

P.S. If you’ll like to own Daria Musk’s music:

The Versatile Owl

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After sharing the “Lovely Owl” video in my recent “Google+ Makes a Comeback” blog post, it seems like more Owl-related videos are coming my way as I was recently introduced to yet another “Evil Owl” video. It’s interesting to see that not only humans are able to adapt ourselves to show varying degrees of strength and armor when presented with different levels of threats & dangers. I was pleasantly surprised & entertained to see how this “Evil Owl” disguises itself to scare off threatening counterparts.

From projecting a larger physique towards immediate threats to projecting an “evil” image to spook much larger fellow owls, this versatile owl has it all covered within its bag of tricks. Needless to say, the highlight of the video and the owl’s abilities is the evil Count Dracula look which it puts on when faced with a huge adversary. Not forgetting its confident “I’ve got my eyes on you” stare as it stays fixated on the perceived threat.

Now, I can’t help asking myself this question – do I shy away from huge challenges or stand up to them with unfaltering strength like this little owl? What about you? Somehow it seems like there’s always some lesson which we can learn from Mother Nature? The only thing is whether we maintain an open mindset and stay present? 🙂

T-Mobile With Angry Birds Marketing Campaign

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As Internet becomes an integral part of our everyday lives, we are no longer restricted to messages published on billboards and public transport like buses, taxis and the MRT. Nor are we limited to only the television & radio. Marketing and advertising can now access and reach out to a worldwide global audience group through the worldwide web (aptly named) via online advertising on popular platforms like YouTube, Twitter & Facebook to say the least.

It is via the Internet that we get exposed to the creativity of marketing and branding agencies beyond the shores of Singapore at the comfort of our home, in front of our computer, without the need to fly around the world (to see the world). However with this medium easily accessible to everyone, with everything online, it’s getting rarer to see physical real-life advertising efforts due to the relatively higher cost, time & effort to set things up.

Hence it’s a delight to come across this marketing campaign by T-Mobile and Angry Birds bringing the virtual world into real-life where gamers get to see the angry birds in action right before their eyes with real ‘explosions’ when the target is hit. Absolutely fantastic! And I wouldn’t have gotten a chance to see this if not for the Internet, Facebook and YouTube since this was held in Barcelona and not Singapore.

If you have yet to see this amazing feat, here you go. Meanwhile I’ll continue surfing for more gems in the Internet.

Now you can have one of your own:


Google+ Makes a Comeback

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The benefit of having friends who are early adopters or technology pioneers is that I’m never too far behind the latest innovations and happenings in the ICT space as they’re often quick to introduce and onboard us, their circle of friends. I still remember switching from ICQ to MSN Messenger, Hotmail to Gmail, Friendster to Facebook, Internet Explorer to Firefox & Chrome and now Facebook to Google+, thanks to them 🙂

When I was first invited to join Google+, there was almost nothing there except for the circles and the wild wild white (Google signature) as it was still in its early days. As with anything new, I frequent Google+ almost everyday to check out this new platform and potential competitor to Facebook.

However as time goes by, with only one to two friends actively posting in Google+, I started going to Google+ less often. And one fine day, unknowingly, I stopped clicking on the +Soh option at the top left hand corner of my Gmail account. I never did realize it until one of my Google+ active friends posted in Facebook (ironically) to return to Google+ to check out its latest feature “What’s hot on Google+”.

The very first hot news which caught my attention was this video of a super duper cute owl which appears to be in heaven while being patted by visitors. It is simply adorable beyond words. I’ve watched this video a couple of times and recently caught it appearing in the evening news as well, celebrity owl!

I’ve got to take my hats off to Google+ for coming up with this new feature which is doubtingly attracting me back to Google+ to see what Google+ has in stall for us in its selection of the eight hot news to be featured.

I do wonder though, in eager anticipation, what does Google+ has up its sleeve next to interest more users or converters (from Facebook) in its bid to increase its market share from the dominant social networking site – Facebook.