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A while back, some of my friends asked, why don’t I blog about food that’s not nice. If I recall correctly, I replied saying because it’s not nice so no need to share, aka share the good stuff.

Thinking back now, another reason will be that it takes a lot of time & effort to blog, at least for me. So if it’s not nice, do I really want to spend time & effort on it when there are so many other things to blog about?

Today once again I was asked to blog about food that’s not nice. I guess it’s because on both occasions we had food that was highly recommended, yet it was just not up to par. And on both occasions we spent time & effort to wait/queue for the food.

Of course everything is subjective, what we find nice, others may not and vice versa.

So don’t believe a word I say, as what I’m saying is only my opinion, based on my experience. Sounds familiar?

Today we headed down to Redhill Food Centre after a friend discovered that Hua Kee Chicken Rice was crowned the Number 1 Chicken Rice in Singapore.

We queued for 40mins with around 20 people queuing in front of us. We ordered half chicken with 5 plates of rice costing $15.50.

Tasting the chicken by itself, all of us were unable to identify what the sauce resembles. Definitely no chicken taste. Only plus point is, the meat is tender.

The rice looks and tastes almost like normal white rice.

Chilli is average, tastes like any other chicken rice chilli.

The best part of the meal is the clear soup that comes with the meal. It is topped with spring onions & tastes like chicken, albeit oily.


The famous Redhill Food Centre’s Hua Kee Chicken Rice is a disappointment. We will not be returning again, much less queue up for it. Makes us wonder though, why the long queue? Guess we’re just not tasting what’s appealing to them? Shrugs

Hua Kee Chicken Rice (View in Google Maps)
Redhill Food Centre
85 Redhill Ln
Singapore 150085
GPS: 1.287351,103.818363

Closed on Monday & Tuesday




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