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We’ve always been under the impression that Yhingthai Palace is a very pricey Thai Restaurant until our lovely colleague brought to our attention that their prices are actually pretty okay.

Provided you do not order dishes that are quoted as market price of course 😉

So here we are, at the atas Yhingthai Palace Thai Restaurant @ Purvis Street.

Even the restaurant name sounds so lavish right?

I was personally responsible for this below average Khao Tang Nah Tang @ S$10 which is crispy rice chips appetiser – rice chips served with a coconut milk based chicken and shrimp dip.

From the menu description, I thought it referred to the mini round crackers served with a spicy dip. Sorry guys.

But our meal is saved by Yhingthai Palace’s stellar Peek Kai Sord Sai @$3.5 each which is stuffed chicken wings  – chicken wings deboned and stuffed with asparagus, shittake mushroom, chicken meat and fried to a golden brown.

These gorgeous stuffed chicken wings are just absolutely amazingly yummy haha! Minimum order is 2 and I truly wished I had more than 1. I’ll take another stuffed chicken wing anytime 😀

Another dish worth highlighting is Yhingthai Palace’s Tom Yum Kung @ S$8 each which is clear tom yum prawn soup – prawns cooked in a spicy and sour soup.

I really enjoyed the tom yum kung. It’s not overly spicy and quite satisfying. Check out the ingredients in the soup.

Our carbo dish is Khao Ob Supparot @S$20 which is pineapple rice served with prawns and pork floss. I was half expecting to see it served in a pineapple but it wasn’t heehee~

I guess Yhingthai Palace’s pineapple fried rice is okay. I wasn’t wow-ed by it and it wasn’t too shabby either so I’ll say average.

Next up is Gaeng Keow Wan Kai/Mhoo @ S$15 which is Thai green curry – chicken or pork cooked in homemade green curry paste with Thai brinjals and string beans in coconut milk.

We ordered Yhingthai Palace’s Gaeng Keow Wan Mhoo (Thai green pork curry). The green curry goes well with the pineapple rice and the pork slices are really tender. Like.

And our greens, Phak Boong Fai Dang @ S$10 which is stir-fried spicy kang kong fried with shrimp paste chilli.

As we were all stuffed by now, we ordered only 2 desserts for sharing.

1st up is Yhingthai Palace’s Khao Neow Ma Muang @ S$7 which is mango with glutinous rice.

I wonder…why are their mangoes always sweet? It’s almost like a guarantee.

And finally, Tup Tim Krob @ S$6 which is Thai red ruby – water chestnut, jackfruit, palm fruit with fresh coconut milk.

I’m not sure if it’s good as I’m not exactly a fan of Tup Tim Krob. But it’s better than E-Sarn Thai Cuisine’sThai Red Ruby dessert.

Yhingthai Palace Thai Restaurant (View in Google Maps)
36 Purvis Street
#01 – 04
Singapore 188613
GPS: 1.296587,103.854956
+65 6337 1161
+65 6337 9429

Lunch: 11:30am – 2pm
Dinner: 6pm to 10pm



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