InterContinental Bangkok Thailand – Espresso Buffet Dinner

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We were hosted to a sumptuous welcome buffet dinner at InterContinental Bangkok Thailand’s Espresso. And boy were we spoiled for choice.

There was a huge variety of food, especially desserts! And the food was pretty good.

They even have foie gras on demand where we can hand the cook our table number, they’ll prepare the dish and serve it to us, at our table.

Pampered 🙂

I can’t say everything is nice of course since I didn’t try everything, especially the roasted meat section where the meat items look pretty unappetizing. Their sashimi is pretty fresh and I really like their seafood salad in a glass. Yum~

It’s that glass in the upper left hand corner of my 1st helping to the buffet. Well I did take a close up photo of Espresso’s seafood salad but it was blur so…shrugs

I tried to eat one of everything from the desserts section (again) and my favourite is the Opera Cake. The Delectable imitation fruits looked good but didn’t taste as good.

I must also mention that we were treated to red wine and it was good! Must take photo, Lacroix Bordeaux Superieur 2009 below.

Espresso Buffet (View in Google Maps)
InterContinental Bangkok Thailand
973 Silom Rd
Silom, Bang Rak
Bangkok 10500, Thailand
GPS: 13.7442881,100.5364508
+662 656 0444


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