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As I was saying, I love Thailand food. Yum yum! What’s travelling without trying some local food right? I definitely belong to the live to eat category! Also constantly being reminded to lose weight… 🙁

Anyway, most of our meals are covered and for the few meals that aren’t, we’re fortunate to have our lovely Relationship Manager to show us the way…to good food 🙂 We also managed to stumble across a couple while we were walking around. Lucky!

Let me touch on those we discovered 1st. Both of them are in Siam Paragon and aren’t exactly local Thai food vs those recommended by our Relationship Manager. Nonetheless, they are amazing~~

First up is our 1st and last meal in Bangkok. Yes, it was so good that we went back to stuff ourselves with it just before departing for the airport!

Japanese Ramen @ NanTsuTtei Siam Paragon.

The Ramen texture is perfect and different from any Ramen I’ve had before. It’s very springy (Q-Q) and not too thick. Everything is just nice.

The soup base is oh my gosh!! It’s rich & flavourful, yet not to the point of overpowering. Aka you won’t feel sick/tired of slurping up the last drop. The char siew is tender and their spring onion is oh so fragrant.

I have to say though, because I’m someone who prefers spicy food, I opted for their Aka Nantsu Ramen on our 1st visit which includes spicy red sesame oil. It was nice at 1st, however as time goes by, the spice sort of covers their yummy creamy tonkotsu (pork bone) soup. I’m a firmly believe that chilli/spice should complement & enhance the taste and not cover it so I didn’t order this when we returned.

So, my advice is to – just order their Original Kuro Nantsu Ramen and spice up your experience with the condiments they provide.

Side Dish

During one of our visits, we ordered their Chicken Karaage. Who could resist ordering some fried chicken right? It’s different in a good way. See that yellow mash – rich tartar sauce, egg and wasabi mayonnaise? It’s really 画龙点睛 (icing on the cake). It’s filled with their fragrant spring onions couple with a hint of wasabi. And that sauce – mild sweet soy sauce based dash at the bottom? That’s unseen of (At least not me.) My verdict? *Thumbs up*

By the way

NanTsuTtei Siam Paragon also provides the option of having their Ramen in 2 sizes, small and regular which I like since I can enjoy their Ramen with lesser guilt/calories when ordering the “Small” Ramen.

Leaves room for dessert!

NanTsuTtei Siam Paragon (View in Google Maps)
Ground Floor (opp Burger King/MK Gold)
991 Rama1 Road
Bangkok 10330
GPS: 13.747095,100.535141

Tel: 02 610 7635





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