Two Wings @ Bukit Merah

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Since I’m on it – blogging about not-so-nice food, let me just do a quick mention on Two Wings as well.

This is another disappointing long wait despite all the rage in social media.

We ordered their signature chicken wings along with some other dishes, with high expectations, only to end up struggling to clear the food.

Frankly speaking, it has been a while back since we first visited Two Wings and concluded that we won’t be returning again, so everything is kind of vague now.

If I recall correctly, their chicken wings are big, crispy & maybe juicy? In fact we were pretty impressed when the chicken wings were first served. But that’s about it.

There wasn’t much seasoning and they were quite bland. Plus the greasiness starts to get to us after a while. The feeling is quite different from the $1 coffee shop chicken wings I used to eat with my comrades where we could go on all night.

Their chilli is also reputed to be good as well. The darker one on the right is just a normal chilli sauce, like Heinz. The other chili arrived later and is the special chilli.

Personally I find the latter’s spice overpowering. When I dip the chicken wings in it, I don’t taste anything except spicy. So I stopped dipping the chicken wings after a while.

Not sure what else can I add…save your calories?

Two Wings (View in Google Maps)
119 Bukit Merah Lane 1
Singapore 151119
GPS: 1.286106,103.804753



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