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Wow, my maiden post on my very own blog. What should I write about? My journey from a blur & naive fresh graduate to a weathered & skeptical business intelligence analyst? My life experiences, random thoughts or crazy ideas that just pop into my mind? On what note should I start off on?

Maybe I’ll just keep things simple and blog about myself first. I’ve been working for 7 years now and am currently a Business Intelligence Analyst working in a MNC using mainly Microsoft technologies like reporting & integration services.

Come to think of it, this wasn’t the path I had envisioned myself taking having graduated from a Computer Engineering Course with no relevant experience in this field. Yet by a twist of path I was assigned to the data management team in my sponsoring company and through the mentorship of my managers and seniors, I’ve grown to love data analytics.

I indulge in the fun of analyzing data, identify trends and asking critical questions to the business beyond what was initially placed on the plate. In other words, value-add. However I also have to acknowledge that despite I love what I’m doing, it may not be possible to continue doing so due to pressures from being a ‘cost centre’ and branded as more expensive as compared to offshore/outsourcing alternatives.

So it seems like I have come to a crossroads where I have to decide if I should turn my back on my education and passion versus accepting a pay freeze or worse, a pay cut. Unfortunately the future seems pretty grim to me. I hope I’m wrong…

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