Thank You Ladies

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It was a day of hot sun & fierce rains. Hot sun is nothing new as everyone knows Singapore as the sunny garden island. The shocker is the rain that afternoon. It was almost torrential! Visibility of the buildings outside the window drops to almost zero as thunder echoed through the sky continuously.

In fact I thought that there were fireworks being released and I went to check it out at the window. Many of my colleagues also expressed their amazement at “the window”, saying they have never seen much massive rainfall before. Heehee…

And it was on this dramatic day that I was presented with my very first birthday present of the year by my dear friends from Income. It was a very thoughtful and lovely present targeted at my pain point. My face 😛

I’m very touched and thankful for having such wonderful friends who remembers. Thank you gals! I really appreciate it 🙂

Thank you!

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