Thailand Food – SomTam Papaya Salad Restaurant

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Last but not least, authentic Thai food in Thailand! Haha…I know I know, all the food I’ve introduced so far isn’t really Thai food per se but hey, they’re good nonetheless 🙂

SomTam is another long queue place introduced by our lovely Relationship Manager. She said that the queue can get very long during weekend dinners! Luckily we were there on a weekday~

SomTam is a short walk away from Siam Paragon. In fact I can see the Siam Paragon logo from SomTam. And they have a good selection of Thai food at very affordable prices.

Beside good food and good prices, they are also very tourist friendly and provides 2 types of menu. 1 with pictures for folks like us, another with a list of everything they offer. Like!

First up, Tom Yum Soup. It’s also known as Northeast Style Spicy Soup with Pork Bone in SomTam’s menu. The soup is savoury and slightly spicy. It’s nice that the spice is not overpowering so we can still taste the tom yum flavour. On the other hand, this may not be good for folks who really like it super hot & spicy.

Next is the carbo dish and boy is this calories well spent! SomTam’s Stir Fried Thai Rice-flour noodles is simply delicious! This is one of the dishes we ordered again on our 2nd visit. *Nods*

And here’s the ultimate highlight of our meal *drumroll* SomTam’s Fried Chicken!! These deep fried chicken wings are simply divine and a must have if you dine at SomTam. In fact it was so good that we ordered a 2nd serving in the same meal and our 2nd visit!

Because the Thai restaurant name is SomTam, two SomTam dishes were also ordered. Somtam with Dry Shrimp & Peanut and Shredded Green Mango Somtam. Hmmm…I’m not a fan of Thai papaya/mango salad so I shall decline to comment.

What I will say though is that none of us liked this dish – Fried Northeastern Style Sausage. I dislike the flavour & the texture. Avoid.

Finally, fish. We had the Hot & Spicy Crispy Fried Nil Fish and Crispy Fried Fish on our 1st and 2nd visit respectively. Personally I prefer the latter. Crispy, fresh, yummy, satisfied!

SomTam Papaya Salad Restaurant  (View in Google Maps)
392/14 SiamSquare Soi.5 Rama1 Rd,
Pathumwan Bangkok 10330
GPS: 13.7456927,100.5341688
Tel: +662 251 4880



Thailand Food – Pratunam Wanton Mee & Pork Knuckles Rice

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This is definitely one of the most daebak Wanton Mee I’ve ever eaten in my life! Hahaha…I don’t know how else to say it so I’m just going to say it plainly 🙂

This amazing local Thai restaurant is just a short walk away from Platinum, one of Thailand Bangkok’s popular tourist spots selling clothing at wholesale prices, if you buy in bulk.

Platinum Fashion Mall is somewhat like an indoor Chatuchak except that it opens everyday and is air-conditioned 😀

Besides the awesome Wanton Mee, it also has the most amazing Pork Knuckles Rice. If you’ve read my other posts like the one on Sur Nuevo Latino Kitchen, you’ll know that I’m really not that into fats. However, as this place is highly recommended by our relationship manager, I decided to give it a try anyway and boy was I blown away. Yummy!

Just check out the queue man! We went there for 2 consecutive days and the queue is a permanent feature outside this buzzing restaurant with pork knuckles on its left and Wanton Mee on its right. Just looking at the photos is making me salivate!

The interior of the restaurant is packed & set up to maximize space. There’s free flow chilli at the tables with some pretty interesting signs on the wall… 😛

We didn’t have to wait too long before our noodles were served. We decided to try both the Char Siew Wanton Mee & the Char Siew Crab Meat Wanton Mee PLUS Pork Knuckles Rice. It’ll be a shame not to have both while we’re at it.

The portion of the Wanton Mee is not too big, which makes it possible to enjoy the Pork Knuckles Rice at the same time. BUT it’s definitely not small on flavour which I’m guessing comes from the lard. It’s not obvious in the picture above but check out this huge lard in the takeaway our relationship manager bought for us.

And the Pork Knuckles Rice, OMG! The flavour is spot on and the fats just melt in your mouth. Plus the gravy is thick and savoury. Mmmm~

If you are in Bangkok, and you are in the area, you MUST definitely add this Wanton Mee & Pork Knuckles Rice into your itinerary!

PS: Even though their operating hours is till 3pm, we heard that they’re usually sold out around 2pm so better be there earlier 😉

Sab x2 ::: Original Thai Wonton Mee (View in Google Maps)
Pork Leg Ovaltine – Savoury
4/32-33 Soi Phetchaburi 19
(Skew Pantip Plaza) Pratunam
Bangkok 10500
GPS: 13.7514722,100.5385681
Tel: 02-653-9619
Mobile: 081-819-2929

Open: 9am – 3pm



InterContinental Bangkok Thailand – Espresso Buffet Dinner

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We were hosted to a sumptuous welcome buffet dinner at InterContinental Bangkok Thailand’s Espresso. And boy were we spoiled for choice.

There was a huge variety of food, especially desserts! And the food was pretty good.

They even have foie gras on demand where we can hand the cook our table number, they’ll prepare the dish and serve it to us, at our table.

Pampered 🙂

I can’t say everything is nice of course since I didn’t try everything, especially the roasted meat section where the meat items look pretty unappetizing. Their sashimi is pretty fresh and I really like their seafood salad in a glass. Yum~

It’s that glass in the upper left hand corner of my 1st helping to the buffet. Well I did take a close up photo of Espresso’s seafood salad but it was blur so…shrugs

I tried to eat one of everything from the desserts section (again) and my favourite is the Opera Cake. The Delectable imitation fruits looked good but didn’t taste as good.

I must also mention that we were treated to red wine and it was good! Must take photo, Lacroix Bordeaux Superieur 2009 below.

Espresso Buffet (View in Google Maps)
InterContinental Bangkok Thailand
973 Silom Rd
Silom, Bang Rak
Bangkok 10500, Thailand
GPS: 13.7442881,100.5364508
+662 656 0444


Thailand Food – After You Dessert Café @ Siam Paragon Bangkok

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This is another super duper awesome food place and best of all, it’s desserts ohm~

Desserts are a girl’s best friend. I can have desserts all day!

And just like After You Dessert Café’s slogan, I constantly say – There’s always room for dessert!

Just check out the crowd at this place. It’s packed, and it always is whenever we pass by this dessert place. No kidding! We even have to take a queue number to wait for our turn.

Studying the menu while waiting to be seated, we were spoiled for choice. Everything looks so good! I wish we could have found this place sooner! *sob* Okay, think positive. At least my waistline wasn’t hurt…that much compared to coming here everyday! Hoho~

Now, back to food. We decided to order their Ferrero Toast and Royal Thai Milk Tea. Let’s skip the latter and focus on the main thing yar. Oh my goodess x 3! Their Ferrero Toast is amazing!

First up, we were shocked at its size. It’s huge! Luckily we only ordered 1 to share. Its toast is thick, fresh, fluffy, and crispy. The crushed Ferrero Rocher chocolate, whole hazelnuts, vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate syrup and I’m not sure…hazelnut syrup? Everything, everything is just perfect. I’m in heaven…I’m in heaven…

Oh and not forgetting, After You Desser Café also provides a big jar of honey for us to dash it over our Ferrero Toast. Both with and without works for me. More honey please! *grin*

I’m sure this must be like 1,000 calories but who cares (actually I do haha…at least it’s worth it!). This is a guilty indulgence 110% worth the calories! Yum yum!

Here’s a summary of their menu along with their various branches:

After You Dessert Café Siam Paragon (View in Google Maps)
Ground Floor
991 Rama1 Road
Bangkok 10330
GPS: 13.747095,100.535141
Tel: 02 610 7659

Daily: 10am – 1030pm






Thailand Food – NanTsuTtei Ramen @ Siam Paragon Bangkok

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As I was saying, I love Thailand food. Yum yum! What’s travelling without trying some local food right? I definitely belong to the live to eat category! Also constantly being reminded to lose weight… 🙁

Anyway, most of our meals are covered and for the few meals that aren’t, we’re fortunate to have our lovely Relationship Manager to show us the way…to good food 🙂 We also managed to stumble across a couple while we were walking around. Lucky!

Let me touch on those we discovered 1st. Both of them are in Siam Paragon and aren’t exactly local Thai food vs those recommended by our Relationship Manager. Nonetheless, they are amazing~~

First up is our 1st and last meal in Bangkok. Yes, it was so good that we went back to stuff ourselves with it just before departing for the airport!

Japanese Ramen @ NanTsuTtei Siam Paragon.

The Ramen texture is perfect and different from any Ramen I’ve had before. It’s very springy (Q-Q) and not too thick. Everything is just nice.

The soup base is oh my gosh!! It’s rich & flavourful, yet not to the point of overpowering. Aka you won’t feel sick/tired of slurping up the last drop. The char siew is tender and their spring onion is oh so fragrant.

I have to say though, because I’m someone who prefers spicy food, I opted for their Aka Nantsu Ramen on our 1st visit which includes spicy red sesame oil. It was nice at 1st, however as time goes by, the spice sort of covers their yummy creamy tonkotsu (pork bone) soup. I’m a firmly believe that chilli/spice should complement & enhance the taste and not cover it so I didn’t order this when we returned.

So, my advice is to – just order their Original Kuro Nantsu Ramen and spice up your experience with the condiments they provide.

Side Dish

During one of our visits, we ordered their Chicken Karaage. Who could resist ordering some fried chicken right? It’s different in a good way. See that yellow mash – rich tartar sauce, egg and wasabi mayonnaise? It’s really 画龙点睛 (icing on the cake). It’s filled with their fragrant spring onions couple with a hint of wasabi. And that sauce – mild sweet soy sauce based dash at the bottom? That’s unseen of (At least not me.) My verdict? *Thumbs up*

By the way

NanTsuTtei Siam Paragon also provides the option of having their Ramen in 2 sizes, small and regular which I like since I can enjoy their Ramen with lesser guilt/calories when ordering the “Small” Ramen.

Leaves room for dessert!

NanTsuTtei Siam Paragon (View in Google Maps)
Ground Floor (opp Burger King/MK Gold)
991 Rama1 Road
Bangkok 10330
GPS: 13.747095,100.535141

Tel: 02 610 7635





Thailand Agarwood Investment Trip

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Sawadee Ka~ Even though Thailand is so near, this is my first time there and it most probably won’t be my last. Gosh I love their food! 🙂

Okay okay, calm down calm down. Eh-hem~ The main reason why we flew to Bangkok this time round was to check out the investment we’ve made recently.


It’s not exactly mainstream which is why I guess no one was particularly interested when I shared this with them? Hmmm…

Anyway, here’s what we experienced during this “see for ourselves trip”.

1st stop – Nursery.

Pointing to the plot (where our trees are located) on the big plot of land.

One of our trees.

The other group of investors in our mini-van. Their trees are younger as they invested later than us.

Workers in the field.

Processing of the harvested tree.

The distillation process to get the expensive oud oil.

The black part is the oud oil.

At another private plantation which engages Asia Plantation to do the managing and processing.

Worker is cutting down a mature tree for harvesting.

Cutting of the tree into sections.

A cross section. The black part is where the expensive oud oil is obtained.

Cutting into half.

So with all these, doesn’t it now make Agarwood investment more plausible? 🙂

I must also say that this trip is made so much more memorable because of our wonderful Relationship Manager (RM). She took such great care of us, bringing us around and what not. In fact, she is so good that other investors commented we were lucky to have her as our RM. Totally agree!