(Closed) Here & There Restaurant @ Chijmes

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Chijmes @ Cityhall has undergone quite a bit of renovation since my last visit. Walls were replaced with grills and shops were replaced by restaurants.

There is also a whole lot more Japanese restaurants in Chijmes but my favourite one, Japanese Dining SUN at Chijmes, has long ceased operation. Their set lunches were absolutely delicious and very value for money. Sad~

Enough reminiscence. Today, we’re here to try the food at Here & There Restaurant @ Chijmes. Here & There refers to Dine Here (Left) & Drink There (Right).

After being seated, we were handed an iPad for ordering. High Tech.

Since it’s our first time visiting Here & There, we were unsure of what to order and went with the Executive Set Lunch.

Coincidentally all of us ordered the same main course, Pan-Roasted Miso Salmon. But we have 2 different starters.

I had the Smoked Duck Salad which is pretty nice. The Duck slices are nicely seasoned and not overly salty. They’re not tough either.

However I didn’t like the arugula. I wished there was more dressing to cover the natural bitterness of arugula (to me at least).

When I saw the Prawn & Guacamole, it’s different from what I had imagined it to be. Like the Smoked Duck Salad, it’s very nicely plated and there’re four plump prawns with a generous serving of guacamole that’s “very avocado”. Nice~

Side Story
When the starters were served, we can see that extra attention has been paid to the food presentation. This reminded us of Onaka Restaurant & Wine Bar @ ARC & its tiny portions. Luckily, Here & There’s Pan-Roasted Miso Salmon isn’t as small. Phew~

Back to Here & There’s Main. I like Here & There’s concept of having 2 different sauces, Ginger Emulsion & Pumpkin Puree, in their Pan-Roasted Miso Salmon. Within the same dish, I can have 2 different experiences. Personally I like both and prefer the Pumpkin Puree sauce. The salmon skin is also nice & crispy.

However, there is 1 thing I dislike. Personally I prefer my salmon to be slightly raw, like Skyve Wine Bistro @ Winstedt Rd’s Norwegian Salmon Fillet. Here & There’s Pan-Roasted Miso Salmon is fully cooked. This results in very dry texture. I have to chew longer and harder haha…Of course this is a personal preference 🙂

We would have gone on to our dessert, Crème Caramel BUT we noticed that all the other patrons around us are having Kushiyaki Sticks! Are we missing something?

Here & There’s server & chef kindly acceded to our request to change our Executive Set Lunch from 3 to 2 course and we ordered Set Lunch D – Pork Lovers for sharing.

How not to drool over this? Great presentation (as usual) and it comes with miso soup & rice. Definitely filling. No wonder it’s popular. Amongst the flavours I tried, Shiitake & Asparagus win hands down. Yum~

And for tea lovers out there, I LOVE Here & There’s Earl Grey Tea that comes with the Executive Set Lunch. I wonder if they are really Gryphon Tea Company’s?

PS: A server shared that Here & There’s Kushiyaki Sticks Set Lunch are popular amongst lunch goers. Do note that they are only available on weekdays from noon to 2pm.

Here & There Restaurant @ Chijmes (View in Google Maps)
30 Victoria Street #01-11/12/13/18
Singapore 187996
GPS: 1.295262,103.851676
Tel: +65 6333 0116

Mon – Thu: Noon –11pm
Fri: Noon – 1am
Sat: 4pm – 1am
Sun: 4pm – 11pm