Tonight with Ylvis – The Intelevator

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This hidden camera prank – The Intelevator (Talestyrt Heis) by Ylvis, produced for their Norwegian talkshow – I kveld med Ylvis (Tonight with Ylvis), really brought a laugh to my otherwise mundane day.

I can’t help being impressed with their creativity and spontaneity. 

All I can say is they are incredibly talented with a superb sense of humour.

So…what will you do if you’re “caught” in an intelligent elevator?

Here’re some of the amused and frustrated reactions in Ylvis’ The Intelevator (Talestyrt Heis).

Guaranteed to chase all your blues away 🙂




10 Types of Bosses

Category : Humour

Some local dramatised workplace humour to conclude yet another fabulous year 🙂

Bye bye 2013.

Thanks for all the learnings & experience!






Goosebumps by Video

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Have you ever watched a video that seemed extremely ordinary at first and yet as it unfolds it totally blows your mind away?

Personally I am not a die-hard fan of YouTube. More accurately put, I don’t really do YouTube searches or actively surf YouTube for viral videos or the next big runaway success.

In fact I only got to know about PSY’s Gangnam Style after like the whole world did haha…

So what happens is, whenever I receive YouTube links, especially during office hours, I will usually put it aside first. And being me, I will eventually and most definitely forget about ever receiving the links and not get around to viewing the videos at all. Note to self: This is a habit I need to change.

Fast forward to the present…

Recently I was forwarded yet another YouTube link. For some unknown reason I clicked on it within minutes and I was captivated.

It could be the meaning I gave to the video or it could be that it’s just simply fantastic. I could feel my emotions run high and the hair stand on my hands, literally.

The story I built around the video is:
A small & seemingly insignificant action of placing a coin in the hat triggered an avalanche of unexpected chain of events and resulted in a magnificent display of greatness which definitely took a great deal of effort to coordinate and yet it seems effortless because of the awesome teamwork and desire to wow & succeed.

What this translates to me is that regardless how small the action may seem in the beginning, we’ll never know what it’ll lead to eventually. The key is to keep taking actions and progressing towards our goal. Who knows, the next action could just be the one 🙂

If you like the music, you can get it from: