JC 15th Anniversary Dinner

Category : Love, Fun & Joy

I feel truly blessed to be part of such a great JC class, surrounded by wonderful friends & teachers.

Friends I’ve known for 15 years. Our lovely civics tutor who doesn’t seem to age a single day! And not forgetting Miss Tan, Mr Fong, Mr Lee and more.

Yes it’s cliché. I still have to say it though. Words can’t express my gratitude and joy in knowing such awesome folks. Thank you for having me.

15th Anniversary. Yeah! A perfect reason for a class gathering 🙂

We managed to squeeze in 2 games of In the Year Of The Dragon before our dinner at Tao’s Restaurant @ PoMo where we continued playing albeit the more mobile 三国杀 while enjoying a fusion dinner with endless conversations & laughters.

I wish we had more time & the evening will never end as I had such a great time!

Great food. Wonderful people. Endless laughter.

I love my class! And their significant others. Plus their little bundles of joy (okay lah, not very little liao haha…so cute!) and the list goes on…

Looking forward to more anniversary celebrations in the years to come!

I can’t wait! Time to think about our next gathering ^_^

P.S. Maybe I should take more candid shots in future?