E-Sarn Thai Cuisine @ Pasir Panjang

Category : Thai

It is with a heavy heart, as we dig into the yummy dishes of E-Sarn Thai Cuisine along Pasir Panjang Road. For we are here today, for a farewell lunch.

We’re happy that he’s found greener pastures, yet sad because we’ll be losing a positive, long serving, experience comrade.

Still, we wish him all the best in his new role! We’ll miss you 🙂

As usual, whenever I can, I’ll take photos of the menu and here’s E-Sarn Thai Cuisine menu for our reference.

Usually I’ll order Lemongrass juice whenever I dine at Thai restaurants as I really like the subtle taste.

However having travelled to Thailand last September, and tried Thailand’s super sweet Cha Yen almost on a daily basis, I was keen to try E-Sarn’s Thai Ice Tea.

Well, it wasn’t as sweet and tasted like a diluted version of the ones I had in Thailand. Think I’ll stick to Lemongrass 😉

First up, we had Basil Chicken (Kra Pow Gai) @ S$12.5 which is chicken stir-fried with chilli paste & basil leaves. This is pretty good and goes well with white rice.

Next is the highly anticipated Crispy Omelette (Kai Foo) @ S$8.5 which is fried plain crispy omelette. This is amazingly crispy and very difficult to stop once you start munching on them.

One of E-Sarn Thai Cuisine’s best sellers is its Green Curry Chicken (Gaeng Paed Gai) @ S$13.5 which is chicken meat with eggplant simmered in coconut curry gravy.

E-Sarn’s green curry is not spicy and has a subtlety distinct taste to it. I quite enjoy it and the green curry definitely goes well with white rice too.

Our final dish before desserts is Crispy Bean Curd (Tao Hu Tod) @ S$8.5 which is battered & deep fried tofu served with sweet peanut sauce.

This is an unmemorable dish and I won’t order it again. It’s not really crispy and the bean curd is pretty bland.

And now, onto the wonderful world of desserts 😀

First up is Tapioca (Mun Cheam) @ S$4 which is boiled tapioca served warm topped with coconut milk. We really loved this dessert.

The tapioca is warm & the texture is nice. The coconut milk enhances the experience like icing on cake. Yummy! Best of the 3 desserts we had.

Next is Mango Sticky Rice (Khao Nieow Ma Muang) @S$6 which is fresh mango with glutinous rice topped with coconut milk. The mango is sweet, just a little small. It’s okay, just not as nice as the one I had in Bangkok.

And lastly, Red Ruby (Tub Tim Krob) @ S$4 which is water chestnut rubies served with coconut milk. It was bland and we didn’t like it.

And this concludes our super filling lunch with laughter and mixed emotions.

All I have to say is, thank you thank you thank you and all the best 🙂

E-Sarn Thai Cuisine (View in Google Maps)
130 Pasir Panjang Road
Singapore 118548
GPS: 1.2760689,103.792993
+65 6473 3716

Lunch: 11:30am – 2:30pm
Dinner: 5:30pm – 10pm (Last Order 9:30pm)

Closed on Tuesday



Manhill Restaurant @ Pasir Panjang

Category : Chinese

I’ve been working in the Pasir Panjang area for more than 3 years and I’ve never stepped foot into Manhill Restaurant along Jln Pelepah. I wonder why…It was just never in my food map.

It was not until my ex-Team Leader went there for lunch with his new colleagues and shared this little gem with us that we promptly made a trip there for lunch.

And of course, deserving of the recommendation, the food (Tze Char style) is good. And reasonably priced.

Manhill Restaurant’s signature dish is their脱骨纸包鸡Chicken in Paper Bag (Boneless) which is a must have. Check out the juice oozing out of the chicken. It’s hard to stop at one!

Another excellent dish is their 蟹扒豆腐 – Crab Meat with Beancurd. The beancurd by itself may taste very ordinary but if you coupled it with the Crab Meat…”Oh my goodness!” Mmmmm~

A colleague had Manhill Restaurant’s Seafood Hor Fun and gave it the thumbs up. Even though it look small, it’s actually very filling.

As you can see, the Manhill Restaurant receipt is dated in August which is more than 2 months ago so my memory is abit fuzzy now. However, I’m sure the other 2 dishes we had, 排骨王 – Fried Pork Ribs in Chinese Style & 马来占炒瓮菜 – Chillies Kang Kong should be pretty good too. Why?

Because we kept saying that we need to return to Manhill Restaurant for lunch again and a colleague ordered the exact same dishes when she brought her hubby there 😉

Manhill Restaurant (View in Google Maps)
99 & 99A, Pasir Panjang Road
4¾ Miles, Singapore 118517

GPS: 1.275156,103.794826

+65 6474 6835, +65 6479 6639, +65 6472 1070






Pasir Panjang Food Centre

Category : Local Singapore Food

Now our new default lunch venue is Pasir Panjang Food Centre in the spirit of having a highly efficient lunch transaction =P Pasir Panjang Food Centre is better known for their array of BBQ Seafood stalls that operates in the evening. I used to come here for cheap & super delicious BBQ stingray & BBQ fish until my favourite stall closed down. Life was not the same ever since…*sniff*

Haha…ok ok, enough drama. I was surprised that they actually have quite a wide range of Singapore Local Food choices in the afternoon and it was fairly crowded with queues forming after noon.

There’s nasi padang, nasi lemak, rojak, porridge, thai food, curry rice, hokkien prawn noodles, healthy char kway teow, fishball noodles, bak chor mee, chicken rice & the mixed vegetables rice I had today.

I noticed that queues usually form in front of the curry rice & mixed vegetables rice stalls. I’ve tried the curry rice previously and was unimpressed with their curry gravy. Their dao pok (dark porous soft beancurd absorbing rich soy sauce based gravy) was very nice though. Sorry, forgot to take photo.

I’ve also tried the bak chor mee and it was fairly average. I had high expectations due to the accorlades displayed at the stall. I’ll most probably not eat it again too.

So I returned to the mixed vegetables rice stall again today which was running low on options as we were slightly late today, 1230pm. My usual options are no longer available so I decided to try their sotong/squid which was printed on their signboard.

And of course the sotong was absolutely delicious which was why I blogged about it. The sauce is very rich and slightly spicy. It goes very well with my porridge. The sotong is very tender and chewy. The texture was just nice. The ordinary looking cauliflowers invoked the “Reminds me of home cooked food” feelings. Nice! I’ve found new dishes that I liked. Happy! 🙂

I mentioned healthy char kway tiao earlier right. Someone ordered that to our greatest surprise. Can you see that little green at the bottom of the char kway tiao? The default healthy char kway tiao was meant to be completely covered with greens.

This plate of “healthy” char kway tiao was modified to remove the sea of greens with extra cockles, eggs & beansprouts. The feedback was “Not bad” with the modification haha…so depending on whether you want the healthy or the original char kway tiao, just let the hawker know 😉

Note: I noticed that many patrons of the mixed vegetables rice stall order their whole steamed fish. I’ve even heard folks saying they’re ok to wait for the fish to be ready so I guess the fish should be quite good.

Pasir Panjang Food Centre (View in Google Maps)
121 Pasir Panjang Road
Singapore 118543

Cheap & Good Prawn Noodles in Pasir Panjang

Category : Local Singapore Food

Seeing that the weather is very cooling today, after the morning rain, we decided to walk the distance to the delicious pork ribs prawn noodles stall – 肥仔排骨虾面. I don’t have the exact address of the pork ribs prawn noodles stall so I’ll just have to do my best to describe it.

The pork ribs prawn noodles stall in Pasir Panjang is housed in the coffeeshop at the cross junction of Pepys Rd & West Coast Highway. It’s beside the Golden Agri Plaze, opposite the Currency House. There’s a little URA coupon carpark in front of the coffeeshop if you drive.

肥仔排骨虾面 is one of the best pork ribs prawn noodles I’ve eaten so far. Its soup base is thick and flavourful, very important. Their big prawns are very fresh and fleshy. Like my colleague says “The texture in the middle of the prawn doesn’t gets sand-y.” It’s tender & juicy all the way.

The chilli is just nice & the boss uses pork lard which adds the extra oomph to the flavour. Bean sprouts & fried onions are also included so if you don’t like them, do remember to mention to exclude.

The challenge of going to肥仔排骨虾面 for lunch is that they cater to the morning crowd. In other words, they tend to run out of prawns and/or the different noodles towards lunchtime. And they are usually sold out around 1pm. So we have to set off at 11am to ensure that we get to eat something.

Like today, they’ve run out of pork ribs and the “normal” prawns. They also don’t have the white flat noodles (guo tiao) that I like. So we ended up eating big prawn yellow noodles at $6 a bowl.

No complains there as it’s the 1st time I’ve gotten to eat PRAWN noodles ever since I was introduced to this place by my junior more than a year ago. It has always been pork ribs noodles. Everytime I patronise the stall, the 1st thing they say is “We’ve run out of prawns, is pork ribs ok?”

So, if you happen to work in Pasir Panjang, 肥仔排骨虾面 is a must eat!! Just remember to be early.

They are opened for breakfast & early lunch and closed on Sundays.

肥仔排骨虾面 (View in Google Maps)
118 Pasir Panjang Rd
Singapore 118541

Open for breakfast & early lunch
Closed on Sunday