Hancock starring Will Smith

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While noting down the operating hours of Wild Honey from their website, I noticed that their PR contact’s last name is Hancock which reminded me of the “superhero movie” Hancock directed by Peter Berg, starring Will Smith, Jason Bateman, Charlize Theron & Eddie Marsan.

Hancock (starred by Will Smith) is the “superhero” of the movie. Why the inverted commas? It’s because even though Hancock “helps” in crime-fighting, he’s a wasted alcoholic who always manages to destroy something in the process of rendering “help”. He does things his way (attitude) with almost no regard to the authorities. Unwelcomed, he’s often boo-ed at the “crime scene”.

Along comes the PR guy Ray Embrey (starred by Jason Bateman) who offers to “repackage” Hancock as a form of gratitude to Hancock for saving his life. Of course things are rough in the beginning and eventually the city welcomed Hancock as their hero.

The key is when Hancock was acquainted with Ray Embrey’s wife Mary (starred by Charlize Theron) who seems to have a hidden past…related to Hancock. Another superhero in hiding or is it much more than that?

This movie has many action sequences and several unexpected plot twists & turns. Of course there will be clichés however I thoroughly enjoyed the movie Hancock as it’s a very different superhero movie that’s more than just one action sequence after another. It’s a movie I’ll gladly re-watch on a lazy afternoon.