Amara Singapore Hotel Wedding Banquet Dinner

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I had an awesome time at one of my closest friends’ wedding at Amara Singapore @ Tanjong Pagar.

Yes, I very buay paiseh (thick skinned) self-declare close to everyone in my class 😛

And I truly hold them close to my heart, having known them for almost 2 decades!

I’m very blessed to have been classmates & friends with such awesome people! Not forgetting their significant others too 😉

Before I begin, I absolutely have to say, congratulations once again to our newly wedded couple 😀

And now…the food ^_^

Well I must say, the food @ Amara Hotel’s Wedding Banquet Dinner is pretty good.

First up is Amara Five Treasure Platter (Lobster with Melon, Roasted Pork, Seafood Beancurd Roll, Braised Sichuan Chicken, Crispy Whitebait).

This is my favourite dish of the night. Every item is nice and there were raves going around for the Braised Sichuan Chicken.

Amara Singapore Hotel Wedding Banquet Dinner 05

Next is Double Boiled Cordyceps, Hashima & Chicken Soup. This is one of the thickest, if not the thickest, chicken soup I’ve ever had.

The intense taste of the Chinese Herbs hit home right from the 1st spoon. This is a great dish for folks who love herbal soup.

Amara Singapore Hotel Wedding Banquet Dinner 07

Amara Singapore Hotel Wedding Banquet Dinner 08

Our fish of the night is Steamed Soon Hock in Teochew Style. The flavor is just nice and the fish is fresh and tender.

Amara Singapore Hotel Wedding Banquet Dinner 09

Next up is Stir Fried Scallops & Prawns with Golden Basket. The prawn is bouncy though the scallop is a little too chewy for my liking.

Amara Singapore Hotel Wedding Banquet Dinner 10

And this is something I didn’t expect. Steamed Duck with Eight Treasures.

From the onset, I thought that the duck meat will be very tough. Instead it was very tender & juicy. Thumbs up.

There was a comment that the duck from Dian Xiao Er is better though 🙂

Amara Singapore Hotel Wedding Banquet Dinner 11

And for our greens, Braised Baby Abalone with Bai Ling Mushroom & Spinach.

The Baby Abalone was done just nice, not overly chewy. A good choice with the Bai Ling Mushroom, instead of the usual oyster mushroom. Nice texture.

Amara Singapore Hotel Wedding Banquet Dinner 12

Next on the menu, Seafood Rice wrapped in Lotus Leaves.

Amara Singapore Hotel Wedding Banquet Dinner 13

And to wrap things up, it’s a 1st for me having Bird’s Nest with Aloe Vera for dessert. This is served warm and very unlike the usual bird’s nest with rock sugar.

Amara Singapore Hotel Wedding Banquet Dinner 14

Everything was distributed and served individually, other than the 1st dish. The server even kindly asked if I would like to take a picture beforehand. Great service!

Lovely couple, awesome company, good food & great service makes this an amazing evening 🙂

Amara Singapore (View in Google Maps)
165 Tanjong Pagar Road
Singapore 088539
GPS: 1.274961,103.8413863
Tel: +65 6879 2598
Fax: +65 6223 1293



Kuvo Ambrosia & Elixirs @ Orchard Shopping Centre

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The food & ambience at Kuvo @ Orchard Shopping Centre is amazing!

Kuvo is a lifestyle concept by TCC and its secret location is on the 2nd floor of Orchard Shopping Centre, where Lei Garden used to occupy.

Stepping into Kuvo is like entering into a different world, away from the bustling crowd of Orchard road and old façade of Orchard Shopping Centre.

I would never have guess that there’s such an exquisite restaurant here if not for the recommendation of my old friend 😀

Kuvo @ Orchard Shopping Centre 06

Kuvo @ Orchard Shopping Centre 15

Kuvo @ Orchard Shopping Centre 16

We are here today to go through the wedding details of our groom-to-be while tucking into the gorgeous food of Kuvo by TCC.

I always enjoy myself in the company of my classmates and the good food @ Kuvo is just icing on the cake 🙂

Kuvo recently changed their menu from all day breakfast to small plates aka tapas. I love tapas!

And Kuvo’s tapas received raves from the class. They’re amazing albeit pricey.

Our evening started with Kuvo Portobello with Asparagus & Jalapeno @ S$12++. It’s sautéed portobello mushroom and green asparagus with jalapeno peppers and cherry tomato. Nicely seasoned, perfect texture.

Kuvo @ Orchard Shopping Centre 18

And as declared, this is the best Grilled Octopus @ S$16++ we’ve ever eaten. Kuvo’s sous-vide octopus leg with slow-cooked potato and smoked paprika is perfect.Nice flavour and perfect texture. Highly recommended.

Kuvo @ Orchard Shopping Centre 19

Here’s the dish of the night, Kuvo English Scotch Egg @ S$14 with melted edam cheese and red wine onion au jus (choice of wagyu beef, veal or tuna). The choice made here is wagyu beef & we had 2 orders of it! *Thumbs up*

I heard that this dish is not commonly available at restaurants because of the difficulty to achieve a nicely done egg with runny yolk within the meat. This is a must have when dining at Kuvo!

Kuvo @ Orchard Shopping Centre 20

Kuvo @ Orchard Shopping Centre 21

This is a very different Calamari @ S$16++ sautéed in garlic and extra virgin olive oil with pork charizo. This also received positive reviews while I’m partial to it.

Kuvo @ Orchard Shopping Centre 22

Another dish which we had 2 orders of is Kuvo Coffee Hot Wings @ S$14++ with baby carrot crudités and blue cheese dip.

Crispy, spicy, yummy with a nice twist of blue cheese dip. *Thumbs up*

 Kuvo @ Orchard Shopping Centre 23

Amidst all the positive reviews, we were served Kuvo Atlantic Cod Meuniere @ S$20++ with sweet pea-crusted fresh cod medallion with pearl barley fricassee and citrus nutty-brown butter.

I’m not a fan of pea so nothing much to comment here, but the texture of the Atlantic Cod is…yes, you guessed it, perfect. Very nice 🙂

Kuvo @ Orchard Shopping Centre 24

As for carbs, we had Kuvo Slipper Lobster Laksa Lemak @ S$14++ with half slipper lobster and thick vermicelli in spicy assam coconut broth. Compared to the earlier dishes, this is a little lacklustre.

Kuvo @ Orchard Shopping Centre 25

Ending our lovely meal on a healthy note is Kuvo Caesar 63°C @ S$12++ with premium italian prosciutto, 63°C slow-cooked egg, housemade casesar dressing and delectable parmigiano-reggiano shaves, with added smoked salmon @ S$3++.

It’s not bad though its egg is nothing compared to The Missing Pan @ Bt Timah 62 Degree Eggs.

Kuvo @ Orchard Shopping Centre 28

All in all, I highly recommend Kuvo Ambrosia & Elixirs @ Orchard Shopping Centre *Thumbs up* 😉

Kuvo Ambrosia & Elixirs @ Orchard Shopping Centre (View in Google Maps)
321 Orchard Road #02-01
Orchard Shopping Centre
Singapore 238866
GPS: 1.3034378,103.8325886
Tel: +65 6733 8272
Fax: +65 6733 9190

Sun – Thu & Public Holiday
12pm – 1am

Fri, Sat & Eve of Public Holiday
12pm – 2am



Welcome Back James @ Peony Jade Keppel Club

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Yeah! Another reason to gather and hang out 🙂 Even though the organising has been a little disorganised, no thanks to my watsapp for crashing and refusing to launch >_<

But we still came together before James flew off, thanks to everyone who actively coordinate with each other to make it work for an almost 包全场 experience! Woot~ I love my class!

I was lucky to be able to hitch a ride and was spared from walking the distance into Peony Jade @ Keppel Club where we came to enjoy the NTUC Plus 1 for 1 Promotion on Peony Jade’s Divine Ala-Carte Dinner Buffet.

This 1 for 1 Buffet Promotion is for Monday to Friday dinner in the months of June & July 2013, excluding eves and days of public holidays.

When we arrived, we were the 2nd group of customers in the entire restaurant and…we were also the last group of arriving diners.

Plus the 1st table subsequently moved into a room and as a result, it really feels like our class has reserved Peony Jade exclusively for our gathering =P

Similar to the Peony Jade’s Divine Ala-Carte Dinner Buffet I had at Clark Quay previously, there’s a list of 5 items which can only be ordered once.

I was a little disappointed that Shark’s Fin Soup was not amongst the items as it was really good the last time I had it.

And we weren’t impressed by the 5 items mainly because:

1. Atlantic Salmon Sashimi – The portion was very little. There were 5 of us and the portion served was more for at most 2 people.

2. Mini Buddha Jump Over the Wall – A friend commented that the Soup of the Day, which is watercress soup, is much better than this. To put things in perspective, he gave the thumbs up for the watercress soup.

3. Wok Tossed Chilli Crab – I didn’t really like the Chili Crab sauce. Friends who tried the crab said that the meat texture is not nice. Doesn’t seem to be very fresh.

4. Poached Fresh Prawns with Chinese Wine – Prawns are fresh. In fact all their prawn dishes are good. The only thing is we didn’t taste the Chinese Wine…

I very much prefer the limited 5 items from my previous dinner at Peony Jade @ Clark Quay.

The items we did enjoy very much, so much so that we kept ordering them over & over again were the “Sauteed Prawns with Wasabi Sauce & Caviar” from the seafood section & “Marinated Smoked Duck” from the appetizers section. These 2 dishes were the highlight of the dinner, for me at least. I simply LOVE the wasabi prawns!!

Another interesting moment was when a friend who arrived late places his order. “I’ll have 1 of everything from the seafood section except the last item”. We were like “We like your style”. Thumbs up

And then our table was filled with food…I no longer know which item is which so I think the other dish that I like could be the “Sauteed Prawns with Chilli Sauce”. It has the same texture as the wasabi prawns so I guess this could be it, judging from the name…

Deep Fried Prawns with Cereal” & “Fish Sliced ‘Thai’ Style” also received good feedback.

Besides eating & eating, I also learnt a few interesting things during the conversations we had over the food which I’ll share in future posts.

Once again, I took too many photos of the food and didn’t take any photo of the people. Frankly speaking, I also paiseh to take photos of people haha…since I myself don’t really like to take photos…so…we’ll see. Till next time 🙂

Peony Jade @ Keppel Club (M, Level) (View in Google Maps)
Bukit Chermin Road
Keppel Club
Singapore 109918
+65 6276 9138 or +65 6276 8327

Monday to Friday
Lunch: 11am – 2:30pm
Dinner: 6pm – 10:30pm

Saturday to Sunday
Lunch: 10:30am – 2:30pm
Dinner: 6:00pm – 11:00pm

JC 15th Anniversary Dinner

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I feel truly blessed to be part of such a great JC class, surrounded by wonderful friends & teachers.

Friends I’ve known for 15 years. Our lovely civics tutor who doesn’t seem to age a single day! And not forgetting Miss Tan, Mr Fong, Mr Lee and more.

Yes it’s cliché. I still have to say it though. Words can’t express my gratitude and joy in knowing such awesome folks. Thank you for having me.

15th Anniversary. Yeah! A perfect reason for a class gathering 🙂

We managed to squeeze in 2 games of In the Year Of The Dragon before our dinner at Tao’s Restaurant @ PoMo where we continued playing albeit the more mobile 三国杀 while enjoying a fusion dinner with endless conversations & laughters.

I wish we had more time & the evening will never end as I had such a great time!

Great food. Wonderful people. Endless laughter.

I love my class! And their significant others. Plus their little bundles of joy (okay lah, not very little liao haha…so cute!) and the list goes on…

Looking forward to more anniversary celebrations in the years to come!

I can’t wait! Time to think about our next gathering ^_^

P.S. Maybe I should take more candid shots in future?

Puerto Rico, Yonanas, Red Wine & Great Company

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It was an evening of laughter, fun, friendship and love. Needless to say, I was surprised to find out that I was guest number one since I didn’t arrive at the indicated start time as I detoured to pick up a bottle of red to accompany the Kettle Chips. What’s party without chips & red right?

Laughter soon echoed through the home of our lovely hosts as Chinghway commented that Jiaen is always making herself busy plus the always popping glass markers.

Hahaha…They are cute & really innovative for us to uniquely identify our own glass just that it’s always popping into the air, throwing us into a search frenzy. However with the aid of a little water, suction plus glass works like a beauty. My very own little blue man.


We started the evening with a glass of one of our hosts’ favourite reserved reds and a game of cards to kill time while waiting for the party to arrive. The quick game of cards ended really quickly through a series of unfortunate events for 3 players where most if not all of the good cards always end up with 1 person.

Out comes Puerto Rico, the evergreen boardgame favourite, anniversary edition. I have yet to win a single game so far though. This time round I came so close to having my first win yet alas, I was tie in second place with only one point difference from the winner. Oh well…Still it was fun playing and chit chatting with friends while sipping some red and drinking the ale.


I always learn something new coming to Chinghway & Jiaens’. This time round it’s a new healthy dessert machine! Yonanas 🙂 I love this so much!! The taste is great & the texture is just like McDonald’s Oreo McFlurry BUT without the calories & guilt!! How good is that ^_^

Yonanas transforms frozen bananas (main ingredient) and oreo, strawberry, etc into delicious healthy ice-cream dessert. Wow, the satisfaction without the guilt. I’m so getting one too!! Yum yum!! Another serving please 😀


Last but not least, out came the surprise birthday cake (at least I was surprised) as we came to the highlight of the evening. I can see and feel the love between Chinghway and Jiaen through their interaction and exchanges. Plus the friendship they’ve forged with the great people (including me hahaha…) in their lives as we all came together to celebrate this special day.

And here are some photos of the wonderful evening taken with my iPhone:

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