Puerto Rico, Yonanas, Red Wine & Great Company

Category : Love, Fun & Joy

It was an evening of laughter, fun, friendship and love. Needless to say, I was surprised to find out that I was guest number one since I didn’t arrive at the indicated start time as I detoured to pick up a bottle of red to accompany the Kettle Chips. What’s party without chips & red right?

Laughter soon echoed through the home of our lovely hosts as Chinghway commented that Jiaen is always making herself busy plus the always popping glass markers.

Hahaha…They are cute & really innovative for us to uniquely identify our own glass just that it’s always popping into the air, throwing us into a search frenzy. However with the aid of a little water, suction plus glass works like a beauty. My very own little blue man.


We started the evening with a glass of one of our hosts’ favourite reserved reds and a game of cards to kill time while waiting for the party to arrive. The quick game of cards ended really quickly through a series of unfortunate events for 3 players where most if not all of the good cards always end up with 1 person.

Out comes Puerto Rico, the evergreen boardgame favourite, anniversary edition. I have yet to win a single game so far though. This time round I came so close to having my first win yet alas, I was tie in second place with only one point difference from the winner. Oh well…Still it was fun playing and chit chatting with friends while sipping some red and drinking the ale.


I always learn something new coming to Chinghway & Jiaens’. This time round it’s a new healthy dessert machine! Yonanas 🙂 I love this so much!! The taste is great & the texture is just like McDonald’s Oreo McFlurry BUT without the calories & guilt!! How good is that ^_^

Yonanas transforms frozen bananas (main ingredient) and oreo, strawberry, etc into delicious healthy ice-cream dessert. Wow, the satisfaction without the guilt. I’m so getting one too!! Yum yum!! Another serving please 😀


Last but not least, out came the surprise birthday cake (at least I was surprised) as we came to the highlight of the evening. I can see and feel the love between Chinghway and Jiaen through their interaction and exchanges. Plus the friendship they’ve forged with the great people (including me hahaha…) in their lives as we all came together to celebrate this special day.

And here are some photos of the wonderful evening taken with my iPhone: