Everybody wants a piece of me

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The thing with working in a MNC is that the world continues spinning while Singapore is having a public holiday. The feeling that I got when I first opened my email is, yes, everyone wants a piece of me. My team has been shrinking over the past couple of months with no new hires and guess what? The workload didn’t adjust proportionally. What’s new right? I’m sure you know what I mean.

Besides being technically involved in four to five concurrent projects, they seemed to have quickened their pace while I was taking a breather over Deepavali, the festival of lights. Ironically I don’t see many friendly lights awaiting me in the treacherous forest ahead. Bleak? I know.

So I ask myself this question, is it even possible to deliver or catch up on all the tasks and user requests on my plate without burning any evenings and weekends? If I choose to ‘sell my soul’ to my company, what’s next?

Yes, indeed I’m at a crossroad with many thoughts firing away as I go about my everyday life, building my storyboard, ideally one with abundance, happiness and most importantly – choice. Achievable? What about your life story? What have you pictured it to be and are you living it yet? If not, what are you doing (if you are doing something) towards aligning your life with your dream?

Thoughts will just be thoughts. As I wave goodbye to them followed by a few deep breathes, I returned to reprioritizing my work based on what’s in my calendar for the day. Things will take a turn for the better. I believe it will.

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