If you’ve read my previous post on Sushi Zento, you’ll know that I love the food at Sushi Zento. Especially their Cha Soba U10 (Cold Green Tea Noodles) @ RM20 which is yummy, cool, crunchy and refreshing. While I always order Shake Toro Teriyaki T03 (Pan-fried Salmon Belly with Teriyaki Sauce) @ RM32, sadly the standard of this dish has been dropping. 

Not only did the portion shrunk, the salmon belly was also on the verge of being burnt. I’ll most probably give Sushi Zento one last chance, in hope that the standard will be reinstated to its former glory. Fingers crossed!

言归正传Another day, another visit to Sushi Zento! Time to try new dishes, besides ordering our usual favorites. 1st up is Buta Kakuni T01 (Stewed Pork Belly with Special Sauce) @ RM22. The special sauce is nice, and somewhat similar to Chinese 卤肉, albeit with a thicker texture. Its fats are soft, close to melting in your mouth. 

However, its lean meat tends to be a little tough. Especially if you eat it on its own. While I tried to eat both the fats and meat at the same time, I’m largely unsuccessful because the pork belly was served in large cubes. If they were sliced to small consumable pieces, could be much better experience 🤷‍♀️

Shake Ara Tama Jiru Y09 (Bean Paste Soup with Salmon Fish Head, Egg, Bean Curd $ Assorted Vegetables) @ RM14 is the closest dish to salmon miso soup in Sushi Zento’s menu. Yes, so many dishes but no salmon miso soup. Hmmm…The upside is, it has a generous amount of ingredients and good portion size. But Genki Sushi’s version is better 🤷‍♀️

I like Takoyaki. Hence the decision to try Sushi’s Zento’s Takoyaki I13 (Deep-fried Octopus Ball) @ RM11. Love the generous amount of bonito flakes, but I’ll say it tastes average. I prefer Don Don Donki’s version. 

Though I personally feel that both Sushi Zento and Don Don Donki could work on its octopus filling. Don Don Donki used to be generous with its octopus filling. When shrinkflation hit, I stopped buying as it’s not as shiok anymore 🤷‍♀️

I remembered to take a photo of Sushi Zento’s RM1 promotion this time round! Well, the good thing is it’s RM1. Taste-wise I’ll say it’s average. Una Cheese Roll MF08 @ RM1 🤷‍♀️

I am a fan of Sweet Beancurd Sushi. This is the 2nd version of Stuffed Sweet Beancurd Sushi I’m having at Sushi Zento. Not my type though. Inari Kaisen Mentai Yaki F23 (Sweet Beancurd Stuffed Seafood Topped with Seared Cod Roe) @ RM5 👎

And a bonus! Haha…we didn’t order Zento Roll E03 (Reversed Roll Topped with Grilled Eel) @ RM50 (4pcs) but it was served, and subsequently retrieved by the server. Luckily, we didn’t touch it or anything. We had this some time back and if I recall correctly, it was pretty decent.

In conclusion, I’ll most probably not order any of these dishes again except maybe Buta Kakuni T01 (Stewed Pork Belly with Special Sauce). That is if Sushi Zento is willing to cut the Pork Belly into smaller cubes. The regulars wins again.

Sushi Zento 膳户 Japanese Restaurant (Mount Austin)
No. 1, 3 & 5 Jalan Austin Height 8/4
Taman Mount Austin
81100 Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Tel: +60 07-363 0061

Mon to Thu 11:30AM – 2:15PM & 6PM – 9:45PM
Fri to Sun 11:30AM – 10PM

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