Happy 2024! It has been an eventful 2023 with unplanned twists & turns, accompanied with roller coasters of emotions! While it was not by choice, this saying popped into my head “I do it not because it’s easy, but because it’s hard”. I learnt and grew along the process. Got to make new friends, revisited old friendships. And most importantly got to spend time with family and learnt new things!

It’s not easy in the moment, however the support of family & friends helped me pull through. Trust that things will work out. And everything happens for a reason. 1 of the techniques I learnt in the personal development courses I took is to zoom out. Picture yourself 10 years later, looking back at this moment in time. You’ll come to realise it’s not that big a deal, and this too shall pass.

So give yourself a free pass, a break out of jail card, whichever works for you. Pause, take a deep breath, and reflect. Practice gratitude and think of all the wonderful things to be thankful for in the past year. Hey, you’re still here to live and fight for another day, week, month, year! Hang in there!

And…of course this post needs to be accompanied with an awesome image created by Generative AI. Thank you technology (and Microsoft) for making this possible!

Feel free to use and edit the Microsoft Designer Prompt I used, and I wish 2024 will be an awesome year for everyone!