"The decisions that we make today determine the future that we will all live in."

After learning so much about Sustainability and ESG Reporting, how can we apply and put these into action? Listening to the sustainability strategies shared by Leyla Acaroglu, it feels like the same approach can be applied to many things in general. Hence I decided to carve out this section on how to apply scientific leadership approaches.

On a high-level, it’s about knowing where you’re at, where you want to get to, planning how to get there and tracking your progress towards your goal:

1. Create a checklist to move through the process and enable regular assessment
      a. Outline a set of actions you need to take
      b. Establish guidelines and educate new practices
      c. Ensure alignment
      d. Great for change management

2. Set targets
      a. Assess previously gathered data
      b. Determine achievable and realistic targets
      c. Set stretch goals for greater impact
      d. Connect targets to business strategy and international frameworks
      e. Enforce accountability and ownership by assigning KPIs to the targets
      f. Set a timeframe, monitor and report
      g. Be open & transparent about progress and ability to achieve the targets

3. Develop policies
      a. Provides framework
      b. Faciliate the setting up of processes
      c. Ensure clarity on the pathway, goals and required actions
      d. Stakeholder communication

4. Create reports
      a. Impact assessment
      b. Share baseline
      c. What you are doing to address them – actions & policies
      d. How you are achieving your targets and goals
      e. Regularly reviewed to track improvement over time
      f. Be transparent, honest and inspirational

"Targets, checklists, policies and reporting are all tools any leader can use to ensure that their team is aligned, that those goals are being met and that ultimately you are moving towards that positive transformation of sustainability."