Here’s to giving Jyunzen Japanese Restaurant a second chance, as mentioned in the introductory review of Sushi Zento Japanese Restaurant. Will we return to Jyunzen after this meal? Maybe. Just that somehow Jyunzen’s food still leans towards the saltier side. We’ve shared this feedback with the cashier as well. Hopefully there’ll be improvements the next time we dine at Jyunzen.

Jyunzen Japanese Restaurant’s S9 Shake Belly Sashimi @ RM25 is fresh and succulent. Generally, I’m pretty impressed with Johor Japanese Restaurants thick slices of sashimi. If you love sashimi, definitely go for it 👍

For today we’re having TA20 Koebi Karaage @ RM13 as our appetizer. It’s crispy and well received by everyone. One piece of advice is to remove the shrimps’ head to reduce the saltiness 👍

Jyunzen’s Y16 Shake Fins @ RM8 is crispy on the outside, and juicy on the inside 👍

I’m a fan of fanciful Maki Sushi and Jyunzen’s M11 Unagi Dragon Maki 4 pcs @ RM28 hit all the right notes 👍

Jyunzen’s SH12 Shake Miso Shiru @ RM14 is nicer than Sushi Zento’s Shake Ara Tama Jiru. Though Genki Sushi’s version still wins hands down 👍

On to sushi. One differentiating factor is they’re served with ginger! Jyunzen’s NS43 Shake Belly Truffle Mayo Sushi @ RM14 is pretty unique and nice 👍 While their NS5 Ebi Sushi @ RM7 is average 🤷‍♀️ I think so far, Nijyumaru Japanese Restaurant’s Ebi Sushi is the best.

D14 Ninniku Cha Han @ RM6 is nicely portioned and flavored. Though still leaning towards the saltier side 🤷‍♀️ Jyunzen’s chef needs to take our request for less salt more seriously 🤭

Jyunzen’s Y11 Shake Teriyaki @ RM17 is average 🤷‍♀️

And their TR1 Chawan Mushi @ RM7 is pretty standard. I’m still most impressed by Warakuya Japanese Garden’s deveined version.

I am disappointed with Jyunzen’s MR11 Hiyashi Ten Cha Soba @ RM18. The green tea soba clumps together, making it very hard to separate and consume. Plus, it didn’t come with tenkasu (tempura bits) and quail egg 👎 I still stick to ordering Cha Soba at Sushi Zento.

Before I conclude with the worst dishes at Jyunzen, if you like ginger and are tempted to order IR18 Honey Lemon Ginger @ RM4.9 for the gingerly taste, do note that it is more honey and lemon than ginger 👎

And…OMG! These are the worst! Salty to the max!! Unless you like biting onto salt crystals, please avoid ordering Y27 Double Yaki Hotate @ RM16 and Y26 Double Yaki Oyster @ RM26. The cashier told us that their sauces are premixed. That mentai tends to be salty, and the cheese has mayonnaise imported from Japan. But…salt overdose 👎👎👎

Jyunzen Japanese Restaurant (纯膳日本料理)
56&58-G, Jalan Pertama 1,
Pusat Perdagangan Danga Utama,
81300, Skudai, Johor
Tel: 019-6111222, 07-2886679, 07-5500339

Mon to Sun 12pm – 2:30pm & 5pm – 10pm

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