Now that I’ve started, I can’t stop! I simply love data and the insights they unlock. Plus by writing about it, I can refer back to these snippets of knowledge more easily too.

So, while I was working on my 1st data post on Using Bookmarks to create an App-like experience in Power BI, I wanted to conditionally format the Markers of Line Charts to highlight data points requiring further attention. I clicked through every single available option but couldn’t find any setting to do it.

Turning to my trusty coding buddy (the world wide web), I chanced upon a workaround which blew me away. It was interestingly creative, and it works!

Here’s what I wanted to achieve. Notice the red and green dots in the line chart below?

The objective was to highlight anomalies requiring further investigation. And here’s how to do it:
1. Create a Column Chart with the required data points
2. Apply conditional formatting on Columns

3. Convert the column chart to a line chart, and you’ll get the 1st Line Chart above!

Bonus tip! If you do not already know, here’s how to add Constant Lines to visually indicate the upper and lower limit of the ideal data range i.e. anything outside of this range is an anomaly.